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Durable Hardwood Decking Eliminates Need for Chemical Treatments

Durable Hardwood Decking Eliminates Need for Chemical Treatments

When it came to choosing a sustainably sourced, eco-friendly more durable hardwood that tied into the original history of their home, a Mt Eden couple found the new Hurford’s Organic Decking ticked all their boxes.

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They had recently completed an extensive renovation of their handsome two-storey villa, one of the ‘seven sisters’ in Mewburn Avenue. It was built in 1910 by Australian architect/builder John Batger and had once been his own home.

Working closely alongside Heartwood Builders, Hurford’s supplied new, custom stained black French Oak floors throughout the home’s living spaces. The clients also needed to add a new hardwood deck and sought a more natural product that would tie in with the interiors and also complement the design and look of the original architecture of the home.

The couple visited Hurford’s Albany showroom to browse through some samples. Jerremy Clarke, sales manager of Hurford’s explains, they liked the look of the organic Spotted Gum which has a moderately coarse texture with an interlocked grain and the presence of a wavy grain known as a fiddleback.

The owners of this house wanted a decking timber that was in keeping with the home's architectural features and that offered a eco-friendly option—Hurford’s Organic Decking was the solution.

It was the first time the organic product has been used in New Zealand. Since then, says Jerremy, word has spread and it is becoming popular with a lot of projects on the drawing board and being specified. The product is also available in Ironbark.

“Architects and designers have been asking for a sustainably sourced, certified hardwood decking that’s extremely durable without having to apply chemical treatments. It was only launched in New Zealand during the last three months.

Without chemical treatments, Hurford’s Organic Decking is an environmentally friendly option that’s non-toxic and healthier for both residential and commercial environments.

Whereas the sapwood is a light, creamy hue, the heartwood has a more uniform dark colour, so it’s better looking too.

As an Australian, family owned sawmilling company that has been operating for 85 years, Hurford’s process everything themselves from the trees to the finished product.

“Hurford’s own their own plantation and have access to Government and private log allocation, so we manage the forest and have our own reforestation programmes.”

Because they process the logs and mill the timber themselves, Hurford’s has the option to grade the timber at the mill to eliminate the need to apply chemical treatments or to use the sapwood, the outer part of the log, which isn’t durable.

Chemical treatment of decking focuses on protecting the sapwood portion of the timber board from insect attack and fungal decay. It’s not possible to effectively treat heartwood, as heartwood cells contain special tannins, oils, resins and other extractives that prevent the uptake of wood preservative chemicals.

... Hurford’s own their own plantation and have access to Government and private log allocation, so we manage the forest and have our own reforestation programmes...
Due to inherently occurring tannins, oils, resins and other extractives found in heartwood timbers, Hurford’s Organic Decking is naturally durable and able to stand up to harsh environments and daily wear and tear.

Hurford’s Organic Decking only uses the durable heartwood, which has the highest natural durability rating— Class 1—which gives a life expectancy of 40-plus years.

Hurford’s are heavily involved in sustainable methods, says Jerremy.

“Our reforestation programme involves planting 25,000 saplings a year.

Our Organics range complies with Australian Forestry Standards and have PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certification which means we can pass on chain of custody certification for green build projects.”

While Hurford’s offers a large range of timber products, their big focus is on decking and flooring. Spotted Gum and Ironbark are also available as flooring applications in solid timber or pre-finished engineered to create a stunning indoor-outdoor flow.

Learn more about Hurford’s organic decking range and related products for use in your next project.

Hurford’s Organic Decking is manufactured from the heartwood of Spotted Gum or Ironbark and doesn't require chemical treatment.
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