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Creating a comfortable home all year round

Creating a comfortable home all year round

Whatever the season, wherever you are in the country, whether you like a home that's warm or cool, Daikin can provide the equipment to enable this—healthily, efficiently, cost-effectively and with consideration for the environment.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

When it comes to comfort control in our homes, everyone has their own level of normal. Some like to be toasty warm, others of us feel the heat, so it's vital that the systems we have in our homes can accommodate all these needs.

And, of course, every home or building is slightly different in its parameters—size, location in the country, the design of the building and the number and size of windows, as well as features such as double glazing and insulation levels all make a difference to the heating and cooling requirements.

Gary Felstead, Daikin’s Deputy General Manager—Sales, says the company has noticed that while the need to heat and cool homes and offices efficiently and effectively will always be there, Daikin has observed an increased focus and interest in ventilation and indoor air quality for both residential and commercial applications. This is due to the buildings being constructed tighter, with less infiltration. Daikin is an affiliate of Greenstar, which also plays a major role in our sustainable future. This is important as there are strict guidelines on indoor air quality which the company is very aware of.

“Consideration of the carbon footprint of heating and cooling systems and reduced greenhouse emissions, alongside energy efficiency and reduced power usage, continue to dominate our research and development into new product solutions for the market,” he says.

This research has suggested that the market is heading away from some of the older, less efficient and less environmentally friendly gas, electric radiant or oil-fired heating options and moving towards air conditioning units that efficiently heat and cool the home, along with providing hot water solutions. More recently, particularly in new builds, there has been a considerable increase in the demand for whole-home ducted systems.

Daikin's Zena Vogue split system heat pump features the newly designed super quiet fan, which combines optimum airflow and top performance with almost inaudible sound. This stylish unit comes in both Hairline White or Black Wood finish (pictured).

Daikin: specialists in air conditioning solutions

As a result, Daikin has recently introduced several new product ranges that offer architects, builders and homeowners some very efficient and effective water heating systems and options for heating and cooling homes, offices and other buildings.

Daikin's premium range of hydronic air to water heat pumps uses renewable energy from the outside air to heat water; for example, the Altherma 3R hot water heat pump offers greener, more energy-efficient home heating with the option to heat your hot water supply too. Featuring next-gen R32 refrigerant for zero ozone depletion potential, it’s the ideal solution for those looking to heat their homes by harnessing the power of water.

These sophisticated systems are quiet and simple to operate via a choice of remote, wall-mounted and central controllers.

Altherma can also be installed for water heating alone. Daikin domestic hot water units offer simple and efficient options for heating your water, using a combination of heat pump and electric element (when required) to lower power consumption, offering long-term cost savings on your hot water bills.

The Altherma 3R hot water heat pump is an energy-efficient, air-to-water hydronic home heating solution that consists of an outdoor unit and a wall-mounted indoor unit offering intuitive touch-button control.

Daikin: helping your family to breathe easier

Or, where only heating and cooling are required, particularly for medium to larger homes and commercial situations, Daikin’s new VRV Urban Series and R32 refrigerant multi-split air conditioning systems will efficiently and stylishly heat the whole home from one outdoor unit.

Up to 14 indoor units ranging from wall-mounted, floor-standing, bulkhead, cassettes and ceiling suspended units can be connected to a single outdoor unit. This system is compact and operates quietly, with all units able to be individually operated with a variety of zone control and Wi-Fi options. These systems can provide temperature control to multiple spaces in a single mode (heating or cooling), and there are a variety of energy-saving options available.

Daikin also offers a VRV heat recovery option, which allows simultaneous heating and cooling in different occupied areas. This option also has a variety of zone and Wi-Fi control options.

"We are aware that people are becoming more concerned about indoor air quality and we are seeing increasing demand for this technology. With some of our units, our patented Flash Streamer air-purifying technology is already built in, or people can choose to have a single independent air purifier in that zone. For example, if you have a child with asthma or other allergies, you may choose to install an air purifier in the bedroom to improve the air quality,” says Gary.

“And, while whole-home solutions are excellent and well worth considering when building a new home, high-wall standard heat pumps or “single split units” continue to dominate the residential market. Our range utilises only R32 refrigerant, which has the lowest global warming potential (GWP) of any refrigerant on the market and offers very high efficiencies,” says Gary.

Several models of Daikin’s standard, single, high-wall air conditioning units also include the air purifying technology to ensure improved indoor air quality.

Find out more about the latest water heating and heating and cooling solutions available for your next residential or commercial project.

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