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The heart of multi-room heating and cooling

The heart of multi-room heating and cooling

Historically, having heat pumps in multiple rooms meant having multiple outdoor units too. Now thanks to Mitsubishi Electric, you can enjoy whole home comfort with just one OmniCore outdoor unit.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Heat pumps have long been known as one of the most energy-efficient appliances for heating our homes. So it is no surprise that over the years they have quickly become the preferred heating source for most living rooms in New Zealand.

Until recently, a traditional single split-system approach has been used by homeowners wanting to install more heat pumps in other rooms. However, this requires connecting an additional outdoor unit for every extra indoor unit, which can clutter the outdoor exterior. Now, thanks to the OmniCore Multi Room Range, you only need one outdoor unit, says Mitsubishi Electric National Sales Manager, Blair Mills.

“The beauty of the OmniCore Multi Room System is that because only one outdoor unit is needed, precious outdoor space is optimised and exterior street appeal is maintained.

“It also gives owners the freedom to select the indoor model best suited to the space it will be used in. Furthermore, the decision to add more units can also be made at a future date—meaning units do not have to be installed all at the same time.”

With the OmniCore Multi Room Heat Pump System you can heat your whole house and maintain its architectural integrity by only needing one outdoor unit to operate up to eight indoor units.

Mitsubishi Electric: individual style in every room

“Tailoring heat pump choices to suit both the needs of the space and its surroundings is a significant advantage of OmniCore.

“Homeowners can reflect their own style by mixing and matching indoor units, whether it’s an AP Mini for the bedroom, a compact Floor Console for the home office or a sleek Black Diamond high wall for the lounge. There is a style and capacity to fit any room—no matter the size or interior aesthetics”.

Mitsubishi Electric offers various indoor options to choose from, allowing homeowners to decide between different model types, colours and sizes, including New Zealand’s smallest heat pump ever, the AP Mini. Ideal for positioning above doorways in bedrooms, home offices and in hallways, it means smaller spaces need no longer miss out on year-round comfort.

The award-winning Designer Series is available in a choice of colours including Rich Black Diamond, Matte Silver and Pure White, to truly reflect your interior design style.

The Black Diamond Series, Mitsubishi Electric’s most advanced model yet, defines personalised comfort and style. The luxurious flat-panel design incorporates premium heat pump technology but is available in three striking colour options, Red Diamond, Black Diamond or White Diamond, with a light reflective finish.

The OmniCore Multi Room Heat Pump System can be used in conjunction with any Mitsubishi Electric indoor unit, including the stunning Black Diamond LN series, seen here in the Red Diamond finish.

OmniCore: customisable comfort with optional Wi-Fi Control

However, it is not just style that can be tailored, says Blair. “Each unit can be operated independently of the rest, allowing users to choose which rooms to heat in winter or cool in summer—and at what temperature.”

“Compared to other whole-home heating options, such as ducted systems, which only provide the same constant temperature throughout the whole house—unless they have third-party control solutions—OmniCore offers fundamental individual temperature control in each room.

“This means unparalleled cost efficiencies because you only heat or cool the rooms that need it. When it comes to an individual’s optimal sleeping temperature, preferences from one person to another can vary. Room-by-room temperature control means that on those hot and humid summer nights or chilly winter nights, each bedroom can be cooled or heated to the occupants’ own preferred temperature.”

Optional Wi-Fi Control means central control is now possible all from the one screen. At a glance you can view up to eight heat pumps from the main screen. Users can manage and monitor the comfort setting in each room, no matter where they are.

As Blair puts it: “with Wi-Fi Control you will always return home to total comfort.”

The OmniCore Multi Room Range can be installed with a minimum of two indoor units at the outset and retrofitted to connect to further indoor units—up to a maximum of eight—over time as the need arises.

OmniCore: as flexible as you need it to be

The OmniCore Multi Room Range can be installed with a minimum of two indoor units at the outset and retrofitted to connect to further indoor units over time as the need arises.

“Unlike single split-system technology, where additional units can’t be retrofitted, an OmniCore Multi Room System can have additional indoor units connected overtime, whenever they are required. It’s future-proofed heating and cooling and a real investment for home owners,” says Blair.

“Now that Mitsubishi Electric’s high wall and floor console ranges have been expanded to include a more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient R32 refrigerant, the OmniCore Multi Room Heat Pump System really is the ideal choice for home heating.

“By installing OmniCore at the heart of their heating solution, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of flexible and efficient multi-room heating, with lower environmental impact.”

Learn more about the benefits of installing OmniCore Multi Room technology in your next project.

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