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How Much Do Kitchen Splashbacks Cost In NZ?

How Much Do Kitchen Splashbacks Cost In NZ?

A kitchen splashback adds value and functionality to your home. Therefore, it is vital to know all the options you can choose. Besides, we spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Therefore, why not bring in the wow factor to your kitchen with a stylish splashback.

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Are you looking for a new kitchen splashback in NZ?

You could be looking to replace the old one. Or, are you considering a new splashback as part of a kitchen remodel?

A kitchen splashback adds value and functionality to your home. Therefore, it is vital to know all the options you can choose. Besides, we spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Therefore, why not bring in the wow factor to your kitchen with a stylish splashback.

The most important factor when choosing a kitchen splashback is the material. And, there are several options to choose. When choosing the material, you will have to consider the look and style you are targeting. More importantly, you will have to consider the cost.

While considering cost, keep in mind that a splashback is a simple way to update the design of your kitchen.

Why Do You Need A Splashback?

In the kitchen, there is a lot of heat, moisture, grease, and cooking residue, which lands on your walls and cabinetry. Gradually, all the heat, moisture, and dirt degrade your walls and cabinetry. That’s where splashbacks come in.

Splashbacks are particularly crucial behind sinks and cooktops. Besides, they are a great way of adding style, colour, and overall life to the design of your kitchen.

What Are Your Options For Kitchen Splashbacks?

  • Glass – modern and sleek
  • Mirrored glass – reflective, contemporary, and gives the illusion of more space
  • Acrylic – resembles glass and is budget-friendly
  • Tile – easy to clean and versatile
  • Stone – vintage and elegant
  • Stainless steel – durable and modern
  • Pressed metal – very modern and stylish

The Cost Of A Glass Splashback Glass Splashback From $300 per square metre

Glass kitchen splashbacks in New Zealand are very common.

Remember, you want a splashback that will complement your kitchen’s colour scheme. Therefore, you should go for the back-painted glass kitchen splashbacks.

Note that the paint is on the backside of the glass. The backside does not come in contact with water. So, you need not worry that the paint will come off. The exposed, unpainted glass surface is easy to clean. Additionally, this exposed surface does not have grooves or cracks that can trap grease.

Furthermore, if the colour bores you at some point in the future, you can simply remove the glass and apply new paint or replace the splashback with a new one.

The prices of these splashbacks vary depending on the type of glass treatment. For ordinary glass, the prices range from $300 per square metre. The cost of low iron glass starts from $400 per square metre.

When it comes to glass splashbacks, the best option is toughened glass. Why? Toughened glass is easy to clean and affords you a wide range of colour and print options.

More importantly, toughened glass is functional in the kitchen. For starters, it can withstand the heat in the kitchen. Plus, in the rare event it breaks, it crumbles into small granular pieces – not large and sharp shards, as is the case with ordinary glass.

Michael from Superior Painters in North Shore says painting the wall with Kitchen Splash Paint from Dulux ( is also an option, the most cost-effective option, and thi s can be done at the same time of getting the kitchen walls painted. 

Who Can Install Glass Kitchen Splashbacks?

Glass splashback installation is quite involving and requires the help of a professional.

Installers with glazing experience or professionals with a trade work license in splashback installation do Glass kitchen splashbacks in Auckland.

So, before you even consider a quote from an installer, check their licensing status with the local licensing authority.

After all, licensing is one way of making sure an installer has the necessary training, qualifications, and experience to handle your splashback project.

The Cost Of Mirrored Glass Splashbacks Mirrored Glass From $450 per square metre

Mirrored glass splashbacks are fast claiming their place in New Zealand kitchens. Their reflective nature adds more light to the kitchen. The reflectiveness also makes your kitchen appear to have more space.

The difference between a regular mirror and a mirrored glass is colour. Ordinary mirrors, like the ones in your bathroom, are clear. But, mirrored glass splashbacks have a smoky tint – which can either be slivery or bronze-like. The smoky hue of these splashbacks is very appealing in the kitchen.

Like toughened glass, mirrored glass is a safety glass. You can safely install it behind your cooktops without risking cracking or breaking.

The Cost Of Acrylic Splashbacks Acrylic Splashbacks From $430 per square metre

Acrylic resembles glass. However, acrylic splashbacks are a cheaper alternative and are easy to install.

However, unlike glass options, you cannot install acrylic splashbacks behind or near hot areas such as cooktops. If you have to install them behind cooktops, you should use protective measures such as a stainless-steel plate behind your cooktops or toughened glass.

While installing protective plates behind your cooktops, you should adhere to Australian safety guidelines. The plate should be the same width as your cooktop. Also, it should be at least 20 centimetres above the burners.

The Cost Of Tile Splashbacks Tile Spashbacks From $27 per square metre

Traditionally, tile is the most common material in kitchen splashbacks. Tiles are relatively cheap and versatile. All thanks to a wide range of colours, materials, styles, and patterns, tile splashbacks are slowly regaining their place in the modern kitchen.

However, the price of tile splashbacks varies significantly due to the wide range of tile options.

The Cost Of Stainless-Steel Splashbacks Stainless Steel Splashbacks From $270 per square metre

Stainless-steel adds the much contemporary industrial style to your kitchen. Stainless steel is durable and hygienic (easy to clean), which explains why it is the most common choice in commercial kitchens.

Stainless-steel splashbacks are an excellent option for DIYers as they are easy to install. Stainless-steel sheets are readily available at your local hardware store. These sheets are easy to cut to size, and you will not need specialized equipment to stick them to the wall of your kitchen.

Aside from durability, stainless steel is an excellent option as it is entirely safe for use behind cooktops.

Furthermore, you can use stainless-steel splashbacks behind your cooktops then use another material such as acrylic in the remaining splashback areas.

Types Of Tiles You Should Avoid In Kitchen Splashbacks

As mentioned above, there is a wide range of tile materials and styles to choose from. But, not all are convenient for use in kitchen splashbacks. You want a tiled splashback that is easy to clean. So, avoid slate and other textured materials. Also, avoid matte tile surface.

What Are The Installation Costs Of Kitchen Splashbacks?

The installation cost of kitchen splashbacks ranges between $300 and $1,300. The installation cost depends on the type of splashback, the size, and whether or not you hire a professional splashback installer.

While DIY kitchen splashback installation is a cheap option, you should make sure you have the necessary skill to install the type of tile you choose. Tile and stone splashbacks, for instance, can be challenging to install. On the other hand, stainless-steel splashbacks require little skill.

6 Tips For Choosing The Right Kitchen Splashback

So, how do you choose the right kitchen splashback:

Identify your budget

Kitchen splashback costs are a significant concern. Factors that determine the final price include the material, size, and layout.

When going through your options, you should keep your budget in mind. You do not want to make choices only to realize later you are way above your budget limit.

Consider your kitchen’s design

What’s the style of your kitchen? Or, what design are you going for in your kitchen remodel?

Style does not necessarily mean going for a kitchen splashback of the same colour as your walls or countertops. However, the splashback should match or complement the design of your kitchen.

Choose the right colour

Colour is closely related to design and style. The colour of your kitchen splashback helps a lot with the look and feel of your kitchen.

Going for a tone similar to your walls, cabinetry, and countertops provides a uniform look. However, you could go for contrast and make your splashback a decorative fixture.

Generally, you have two choices – light colours such as sky blue and dark colours such as grey. Dark colours conceal dirt and food splatter. On the other hand, bright colours open up and brighten your kitchen.

The right material

The material determines the look. Stone gives a rustic-look, stainless-steel provides the contemporary industrial look, mirrored-glass is sleek, and so on.

Additionally, some materials are less durable, especially behind cooktops. Acrylic and ordinary glass, for instance, will not last long behind heating areas. Such materials require special treatment when placed behind cooktops, which translates to extra costs.


Some splashback materials are challenging to clean. You might even need specialized cleaning products.

So, if you have a busy kitchen that sees a lot of food splatter and spills, consider easy to clean materials. For example, you could go for large-sized ceramic tiles with few grout lines.

Glass, though stylish, is not easy to clean. Yes, it is easy to wipe. However, you will find it challenging to achieve that flawless clean without special cleaning products.

Tiles, especially ceramic tiles, are easy to clean. However, over time, the grout lines will stain and give your splashback a dull look. Probably the most comfortable material to clean is stainless-steel.

Factor in the size of your kitchen

As mentioned earlier, the size and layout of your kitchen determine the price of your new kitchen splashback. So, with a considerable budget and a small kitchen, you can go for extravagant choices such as glass.

Besides, you can use a splashback to make your kitchen appear to have more space. To do that, go for reflective materials such as back-painted glass or mirrored glass.

Mirrored glass, particularly, helps open up a small kitchen. Also, the mirror attribute adds more light.

Mirrored glass is an excellent choice when you have a beautiful open home view to reflect.

However, tiny spaces with little natural light undermine the advantages of reflective kitchen splashbacks.

Kitchen Splashback Trends For 2020

You want a kitchen splashback that is modern, stylish, and functional. To check all those boxes, consider the following kitchen splashback trends:


Tile is a versatile kitchen splashback material. But glass is the latest more popular trend in the kitchen splashback market. With glass, you can pick any colour, and there are many options to complement your kitchen design. More importantly, you don’t have to deal with grout lines.

Bold and bright

Lately, interior design is leaning towards popping colours. Neutral spaces are quite dull. So, consider using a splashback to add colour. Imagine the excellent contrast a fire-engine-red splashback would provide against an all-cream kitchen.

Clash of texture

Mixed textures are a thing nowadays. Think a mirrored glass splashback thrown amid stone countertops and timber cabinetry.

Forget matching textures. Go for smooth and rough, or natural and artificial.


Colour is more than just rainbow hues. Add distinct colours with polished chrome. The colour polished chrome provides a lovely contrast to neutral spaces. Furthermore, it solidifies the classic and luxurious kitchen styles.


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