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How one brand is pioneering the modern kitchen

How one brand is pioneering the modern kitchen

Few kitchen design companies can boast that they've been operating in New Zealand for nearly 35 years - let alone in existence for 125. Poggenpohl can. The world's most renowned kitchen company, this longevity represents the brand's key point of difference. We sat down with Poggenpohl New Zealand's Ross Longney to learn what you get when you choose a custom handmade kitchen by Poggenpohl...

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Poggenpohl has been operating in New Zealand since the mid 80’s, but they’ve been pioneers of the modern kitchen for much longer than that.

When the company was founded in 1892, it was under the motto, “We want to improve the kitchen”, and they’ve done just that - for 125 years. Founded on the principles of German ingenuity, Poggenpohl has become the world’s most recognised kitchen brand and cemented themselves firmly in the New Zealand market.

As Ross Longney of Poggenpohl New Zealand explains, this longevity is their point of difference. In a world where new trends spring up daily, consumers are quickly realising the benefit of choosing products with the advantage of time.

“Poggenpohl kitchens haven’t just arrived, they’ve evolved decade by decade,” explains Longney.

What you see in the Poggenpohl showroom today is the result of extensive fine-tuning and innovation. Something as uncomplicated as the thinness of their benchtops and their drawer sides, for example, showcases Poggenpohl’s commitment to simplistic, functional, undeniably German design.

That’s not to say Poggenpohl is a brand that shies away from trends, but rather a brand that guides them. This is evidenced in a number of Poggenpohl firsts, including their use of carbon as a front material and their initiation of open kitchen architecture long before the rest of the industry. With Poggenpohl, features just make sense and that’s because perfection takes time - in this case more than one hundred years.

Poggenpohl has also showcased themselves as a forward-thinking company in their long-term commitment to sustainability. The company uses only sustainably-sourced forestry products and solvent-free finishes. Products are manufactured exclusively in the German town of Herford, where around 80 per cent of the brand’s suppliers are found nearby. For New Zealand homeowners, this translates to an impressive three-month turnaround for orders placed to the overseas factory.

That being said, the most sustainable thing about a Poggenpohl kitchen is the fact that you won’t need to replace it down the line. Years later, New Zealand homeowners are still using their Poggenpohl kitchens, which have required little maintenance, according to Longney and his staff.  

“Just recently, we went out to service the very first kitchen we installed in Auckland. We put a new bench on it and that was it. It still looks great!”

Currently, the marque is designing towards the future once more with their +VENOVO range of kitchen furniture built on the idea that the kitchen should be a free space, much like any other room in your home. When design is as timeless and beautiful as +VENOVO, it can go anywhere, creating more versatile, dynamic spaces.


Each Poggenpohl kitchen is custom-built. Longney and his team collaborate with architects and designers to design a handmade kitchen tailored to the homeowner’s needs. “While we have our standard ranges, it’s really all about the end user. Clients can tell us exactly what they want and we’ll put the design together.”

Customers often approach their architect already knowing they’re going to have a Poggenpohl kitchen. And this, according to Longney, rests on the strength of the marque. Strength, that benefits you as the homeowner, but future buyers of your home as well. A distinct value-add for investors, a Poggenpohl kitchen stands out in a market saturated with luxury listings.

“In New Zealand, people tend to move much more than they do in Europe. A lot of our customers are building with the intention of selling and they see a Poggenpohl kitchen has a way to add a well-known mark of quality to their property.”

Want to find out more about fitting your home with a custom kitchen from the world’s most renowned kitchen brand? Be sure to check out Poggenpohl New Zealand on Archipro here or visit their Parnell showroom.

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