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19 Innovative ways to keep your bathroom cabinets clutter-free

19 Innovative ways to keep your bathroom cabinets clutter-free

Sometimes, it feels like the bathroom becomes a catch-all for random storage. Read here to find out how to keep your bathroom cabinets organised!

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Are you looking for a new bathroom cabinet?

The bathroom is the most cluttered room in your house. It’s where we store everything from toiletries to makeup, and it can quickly become overwhelming to find anything when you need it. But there are plenty of clever ways to keep your cabinets organised so that they stay clutter-free.

From using them as a mirror or organising with baskets, these ideas will help you get more use out of your space and make things easier on yourself. You'll be able to find what you're looking for without wasting time digging through piles of stuff.

Keep reading for 19 innovative ways to keep your bathroom cabinets.

Doing More With Bathroom Cabinets

There are plenty of bathroom cabinet products to help you find the right mix of design and function. You have to keep in mind what will work for you and the others using your space.

Here are some fun ways to get more out of your bathroom furniture storage.

1. Install a Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

The bathroom is often the room where you take care of all your grooming needs, so why not make it more functional by adding a bathroom mirror cabinet? By installing a medicine cabinet with a mirror on the wall directly across from your sink, you’ll be able to keep everything in one spot and make it easy to get ready in the morning.

This is a great option if you don’t have enough storage space under your bathroom sink but want the convenience of keeping extra items within arm’s reach.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets are a functional, multipurpose solution, practical for any bathroom size. Image Credit: Bath Co

2. Use Baskets to Organize Small Items

Smaller objects like cotton balls or Q-tips are very easy to lose track of, so consider organizing them into baskets that you can keep inside your bathroom cabinets. These baskets will help corral similar items, so you know exactly where everything is. You could even stack several on top of each other for additional organization options.

3. Hang Towels Over the Door

If you need lots of towel storage space but don’t have any room in your bathroom cabinets to accommodate them, consider hanging robes and towels on the door instead. You can also use a towel bar on either side for added space.

Consider organising small items into baskets.

4. Install Sliding Drawers to Hide Clutter

Bathroom furniture like sliding drawers are great for keeping things like hairdryer cords, makeup brushes, or anything else you want to store but don’t want to clutter up your bathroom countertop. Just make sure that you get a set with big enough dimensions and solid construction so they can hold heavy items like hairdryers.

5. Add a Toilet Paper Dispenser in the Cabinet

If you use lots of toilet paper at one time, consider installing a toilet paper dispenser inside your bathroom cabinet. Not only is it a great way to save space, but you’ll also be able to find the toilet paper quickly when you need it.

6. Use the Cabinets as Additional Storage for Clothes

The drawers are a great place to store clothing and stack them on top of each other for extra room. You can even install shelving if you need additional hanging room. This will help eliminate clutter from around your house and give you a designated place to keep all your clothing accessories.

The drawers are a great place to store clothing and stack them on top of each other

7. Install Towel Racks Inside the Cabinet Doors Rather Than Above Them

If you have cabinets with doors, you can install towel racks inside the cabinet for added storage and drying space. This is a great way to increase your bathroom storage without taking up extra countertop space. Plus, they’re super easy to clean.

8. Install Hooks on the Back Of Bathroom Cabinets or by the Shower for Towels

Rather than hanging towels from open shelving in your bathroom, consider installing hooks that are specifically installed into the wall behind your organized bathroom cabinets or in your shower area. Not only will this free up some much-needed shelf room, but it will also keep them off of the floor, so they are more easily accessible.

9. Create a Toothbrush Holder Station With the Help of Magnets

Rather than struggling to find your toothbrush in the morning, consider setting up a small toothbrush holder station using sticky-backed magnets. Just make sure that you clean them regularly, so they stay free from dirt and mildew.

10. Add Baskets to Hold Cleaning Products and Keep Everything Organized

You can get really creative with bathroom organization ideas. A great way to organize bathroom cleaning supplies is by purchasing inexpensive fabric storage baskets and keeping them within each of your bathroom cabinets. That way, nothing will get lost in the shuffle, and you’ll be able to find what you need more quickly.

11. Install a Medicine Drawer Organizer for Easy Access to Medicines and First Aid Kits

Instead of keeping all of your first aid and medicine kits in one large box on the shelf, consider organizing them into baskets that you can keep inside your bathroom cabinets.

12. Get Storage Drawers to Maximize Space Under the Sink

Consider getting some custom-installed storage drawers if you have a bathroom cabinet with doors but no room above. This type of installation isn’t necessarily cheap, but it can be worth it if you have some extra money to invest in your bathroom design. Plus, they make great use of all of the typically unused space.

Under sink space as an additional storage for clothes

13. Keep Medications in a Medicine Cabinet

Another great storage option for spaces underneath the sink is to get a mirrored medicine cabinet. Consider installing it on the wall parallel to your sink for easy access, so you don’t have to open drawers and move items around to see what you need.

14. Hang Baskets Above Your Bathroom Cabinet Doors for Additional Storage Space

If there isn’t quite enough room inside of your bathroom cabinets, consider hanging some inexpensive fabric or mesh baskets over the doors. You can then use this area as extra storage. This trick works best if you can hang them from wires left exposed by shelving units.

15. Keep a Plastic Basket Under the Sink for Easy Access to Things You Need Often

If your bathroom cabinets are high enough for room underneath them, consider installing an inexpensive plastic basket. You can always buy new cabinets to do this as well. Then load it up with items you use most often, so they are easily accessible.

Bathroom Storage Drawers to maximise space under the bathroom sink

16. Install Towel Bars on the Outside of Bathroom Cabinet Doors for Added Hanging Space

Install towel racks directly onto the inside of each door in your bathroom. This way, you’ll have more hanging space without taking up a shelf or countertop area.

17. Add a Pocket Shoe Organizer Over Your Shower Curtain for Additional Storage Space

Rather than struggling to find room in small spaces, try organizing bathroom stuff in a shoe organizer that you can hang over the shower curtain. This is a great use of space because it keeps stuff off the countertops while still being within reach. It's also an easy DIY project for your bathroom.

Install Towel Bars on the Outside of Bathroom Cabinet Doors

18. Transform a Medicine Cabinet to Hold Cosmetics With New Doors, Storage Containers, and Baskets

If you have an unfinished medicine cabinet, but you don’t want to give up its storage potential, consider using this project from A Beautiful Mess as inspiration for something similar. Take out the shelves, then get some fun fabric storage boxes or baskets and place them inside the space along with decorative or clear-sided shower curtains for quick-don access.

19. Create Wall Cubbies for Even More Organizing Options

One final tip for bathroom cabinets is to create some plastic cubbies or baskets for extra storage space. This type of project can be fast and inexpensive, and it gives you an easy way to store everything from toilet roll holders to first aid kits.

Your Next Step to Decluttering Your Bathroom

Keep your bathroom cabinets clutter-free with these innovative tips. Whether you’re looking for ways to organize inside the cabinet or outside of it, we have some great ideas that will help keep things tidy all year long.

We hope this article has given you plenty of creative inspiration. For even more organizational solutions and home projects, read more here.

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