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7 small bathroom ideas to make your bathroom feel bigger

7 small bathroom ideas to make your bathroom feel bigger

Do you feel stuck with a tiny bathroom but don't want to take on the trouble of a full renovation? It's easier to expand your space in style than you think.

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We have all the designer tips to make you feel like you have a large, modern bathroom. These small bathroom ideas vary from quick and easy solutions all the way to floor-to-ceiling makeovers, so you can find what fits your needs.

Whether you're looking to install a small powder room or just want to give your washroom a bigger bathroom feel, keep reading for our seven design ideas.

1. Floating Vanity and Toilet

Floating Vanity produce a truly unique and luxurious bathroom.

2. Use Mirrors to Create the Illusion of a Bigger Bathroom

You don't need to extend walls or install pocket doors to maximize your small space. This may not even be an option depending on your budget or where your bathroom is located.

Instead, small bathroom design is often about creating an illusion—no need to get rid of a bathtub or showers. Instead, save yourself time by simply installing a bathroom mirror or two!

A mirror on the wall will reflect the room and create a sense that there is even more space beyond the walls. This illusion is more effective when you purchase the right mirror for your walls. For example, too small a mirror may exaggerate the small space feel. Instead, you want to go for a large unit that you can see your floor in. Your tiles will feel lower to the ground in the mirror's reflection, and the room will seem much larger.

Bathroom LED Mirrors add a statement to any bathroom

3. Brighten Up the Room

If you can barely see inside small bathrooms, it suddenly feels even more cramped and tight. But when a room is bright, you can see each wall, tile, shelving, and tub. Suddenly, there's so much to look at, and the room feels much larger!

You can pull off bringing in more light easily with the right lighting fixtures. The more light in your bathroom, the brighter, more inviting, and larger your bathroom will seem.

Go further by using a light paint colour. You can use a dark option, but make sure the dark paint or tiles contrasts with the rest of the room to bring out the bright colours. Consider painting a few swatches on your wall to pinpoint the colour you want.

Right lighting fixtures makes it more inviting, and larger your bathroom will seem

4. Get a Glass Shower

Think of your shower as an extension of the space rather than cutting off your already small bathroom. If you want to really use this feature and make your bathroom look expansive, ditch the shower curtain! It only serves to create an extra wall in your bathroom.

If you have a bathroom and shower combination, you can install a glass shower door rather than a curtain for the bathtub. The shower door will truly serve as a part of the bathroom furniture rather than seem like a closed-off, separate place.

You can get glass walls for your shower or bath, no matter the shape, including rectangle, square, or curved. So don't delay in tearing down that curtain wall and exposing your shower or bathtub - you'll soon see how many more people notice your flooring.

Think of your shower as an extension of the bathroom space

5. Avoid Large Cabinets

We could always use more space for storage. This is what makes large bathroom cabinets so appealing. But for a small bathroom, especially for a narrow space, large cabinets take up a lot of room and make the room feel smaller. Unfortunately, they also drastically take up space on floors.

There is a way to get the storage you need without taking up all the narrow space you have. A light-coloured shelf will give you options for storage while still bringing an open, airy feeling to your bathroom. Use modern baskets or containers to hide your toilet supplies - otherwise, your bathroom space may look cluttered.

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6. Get Creative with Textures

When people want small bathroom designs, they typically focus on the size of their floor tiles. Instead, consider the texture of the entire room. When your layout features different textures on the wall, floor, and even sink, this texture creates interest and brings out the bathroom's unique dimensions. With so much to see and feel, bathrooms feel larger.

Consider how the texture for the floor matches the bathtub or showers tile in your home. Then, extend the area by matching up textures and contrasting them.

Consider how the texture for the floor matches the bathtub or showers tile in your home.

7. Eliminate Clutter

Clutter is a sure-fire way to make any room feel cramped. This includes the things you might leave around the tub, towels, and grooming products. Clutter can actually make you feel anxious in your own bathroom. Take advantage of the many bathroom storage options to reduce the clutter.

For example, some people will use a pocket door to eliminate space. Instead, use a hanging shelf on the door you already have to hang towels and grooming essentials.

You can even add shelving or store trendy baskets under a floating sink or near a tub to store a towel or other essentials.

When you eliminate clutter, the design and thoughtfulness you've put into your bathroom will truly shine!

Consider shelving or store trendy baskets under a floating sink or near a tub to store a towel or other essentials.

Conclusion: Small Bathroom Design

Don't feel trapped by your small bathroom. Whether you bring in new tiles, add brighter light fixtures, and change the look of your floors, you'll inevitably create more depth and show off a more impressive design.

We hope you use these small bathroom design ideas to make your tiny space not feel so small!

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