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11 special home decor ideas for small homes

11 special home decor ideas for small homes

In Australia, 62% of people did some type of home renovation in the last year according to Roy Morgan Research. While some of these were undoubtedly large projects, many also worked on small homes which can be just as challenging. When living in a small home, home decor ideas can go a long way. Here are some simple actions you can take to spruce up your small spaces and make your home look and feel bigger.

Words by Yohei Guy

1. Choose the right lighting

One simple way you can improve the interior design in your small home is by choosing the right lighting design. If, for example, you have too many floor lamps that take up floor space, it can make your home look cluttered.

Instead, it is best to choose lighting that is wall mounted or hung from the ceiling. This way, you can add more dimension to your walls without consuming valuable square footage.

Puzzle Wall Light from Special Lights

2. Recessed shelving

When you have a small home, you must get creative with your storage options. Something that can save you a lot of space without compromising on functionality is using recessed shelving. If there is an awkward space in your home, you can build recessed shelves for decor or storage!

This way, it will not stick out into your room and will not take up any valuable space. If you keep your recessed shelves the same colour as your walls, it will make the room feel bigger.

3. Use a large rug

Something else that can help make your small home look larger is using a large rug in your home. This is an interior decorating trick that is known to make rooms feel bigger.

This is because it helps to anchor the rest of the furniture and design elements in your home. It will also make the room feel more cohesive rather than broken up.

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Big Blue Rug by William Yeoward from IconRadford

4. Multipurpose furniture

An excellent creative storage idea in a small home is multipurpose furniture. This helps you create more space without having to move into a bigger home. There are many furniture options that also double as storage.

For example, you can get a sleeper couch that has a bed stowed away inside the cushions. This way, you can have space for guests to stay over without having to use an entire bed.

There are also ottomans that double as a coffee or side table which helps you reduce the amount of furniture you need in your home.

5. Have a tight colour palette

In a small home, you need to stick to a tight colour palette. Otherwise, your home will feel busy and cluttered. Sticking to a single colour palette will help your home feel more cohesive and spacious.

This doesn't mean that you can't choose any bold colours for your home or that everything needs to be the same exact colour. Simply stick to the same tones in your home!

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Precision with colour in the Departure Lounge by YSG Studio - Photography: Prue Roscoe

6. Keep furniture away from walls

Another tip that can make your small home feel larger is keeping your furniture away from the walls. This is also known as floating your furniture and creates more space, making your living room look wider.

While you may want to push the furniture against the walls to create more room, this will have the opposite effect!

7. Use furniture with legs

Something small that makes a large difference in small home design is finding furniture that has legs. This will add a few inches of space between the floor and the bottom of your couch. While this may not create much usable space, it tricks your mind into seeing more space.

Plus, furniture with legs might allow you to store things underneath your couch.

Mela Sofa from WGU Design

8. Use a variety of heights and depth

When you are decorating a small home, you may want to find the smallest furniture possible. However, if you use several sizes of furniture with varying depth and height, it will make your home feel bigger.

It will add more dimension to your room and will not look crowded, even if your room is full of furniture.

9. Add ottomans

Next, you should try adding ottomans in your space. These can be used for many purposes, including storage, seating and even in place of a coffee table! Ottomans do not take up much space and can be easily tucked away when you need more space in your home.

You can also find ottomans of many shapes, colours, designs, and materials. This means you can find something that fits the decorating style of your home without having to compromise on storage or space.

Coco Ottomans from anaca studio

10. Utilise natural light

It is also important that you utilise any natural light you have in your home. Lighting can make a huge difference in the way your space looks. If you have a dark home with limited lighting and dark curtains, it will feel more cramped.

However, natural light has the opposite effect! To get the most out of your natural light, you can use mirrors and sheer curtains to maximize the light that comes through.

11. Use mirrors

Finally, you should always include mirrors in your interior design if you are trying to maximize your space. While this will not change the size of your home, it will give the appearance of more light and space.

If you have mirrors on opposite walls, it will reflect the light in your room and make it seem open.

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Narcissus Standing Mirror from Bolton & Tanner

Small home decor ideas that are quick and easy

Decorating a small home requires creativity and passion to make the most of your space. Using each of these special home decor ideas will help create space, practically and visibly, making your home feel more spacious and comfortable.

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