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Our 5 favourite bathroom colours for 2022

Our 5 favourite bathroom colours for 2022

If you’re planning a full bathroom renovation the first thing you might have thought about is the choice of colour. With an almost endless range of options, selecting one can quickly become overwhelming so we thought we’d help by sharing our favourite bathroom colours for 2022.

Words by Yohei Guy

While many people enjoy the aesthetic of a white bathroom, it's safe to say that it's not for everyone. These days, more and more people enjoy the challenge of expressing themselves through different colour schemes which can add personality and ambience in unique and effective ways.

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1. Warm neutrals

These colours are versatile and complement a variety of bathroom designs. Neutral tones, like Muslin, are a great alternative to off-white to give the room a warmer feeling. They also complement a wider range of furnishings and patterns. With patterned wallpaper and mosaic tiles very popular at the moment, it makes the warm neutrals colour palette extremely versatile in 2022.

Other neutral tones include variations of brown, beige, and tan which creates feelings of comfort that cooler tones have difficulty achieving.

These are also great for homeowners who aren't looking for loud colour schemes or adventurous shades that draw attention to the walls.

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2. Earthy yellow

Yellow might not be a colour you would usually consider, but mixed with a warm earthy shade its one that will gently ease you into the day. Earthy yellow was a colour that was actually popular for traditional powder rooms, creating a calming but playful atmosphere for guests.

It’s the type of shade that proves that adding brightness does not have to be overpowering.

The warmth will help soften the loudness of the yellow to give an atmosphere of a garden basked in sunlight. This shade is excellent for small bathrooms as its a colour that can open up a space. Furniture with similar warm tones, like brown, will complement it well, in addition to silver or metallic finishes.

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3. Coral

One bright colour with soothing undertones is coral. Aptly named, this sweet yet simple colour adds brightness to a room to boost feelings of happiness. The colour is surprisingly versatile, working well with a variety of shades including blues, yellows, and whites.

Coral has a bright and cheerful tone that livens up even the smallest rooms, especially those with bright and glossy furnishings.

This colour also works particularly well with neutral coloured bathroom furniture and chrome finishes. It can also work well with warmer golden tones depending on the shade.

Lindfield Residence Bathroom with hues of coral - Photographer: Prue Roscoe

4. Mint green

Mint green shades might be reminiscent of the daring bathrooms of the 1920's but new paint varieties have made the shade more modern appeal. This is the reason why it's now one of the top bathroom colours for 2022.

Green is often associated with health, nature and the outdoors - positive and refreshing themes that are perfect for a bathroom. Green is simple but creates a nice, light and comforting backdrop against the furniture in the room.

The coolness of the mint will give the room a permanent feeling of spring. Darker shades pair well with darker wood fixtures, while cooler shades pair well with white fixtures. A freestanding bath will complement this colour in any variation and will add to the feeling of being immersed in nature.

The refreshing Luxe Mint tiles from Ultimate Tiles

5. Burgundy

If you want your furnishings and features to be the focal point in the room, a lovely warm wine-red hue will do just that. This can be an intimidating colour to work with because it can seem overpowering, but the right fittings will bring the warm solid tones down to a comfortable level.

Creating a feature wall within the bathroom has become more popular as more people have begun to create focal points in the rooms of their homes. A nice pop of this shade will give the room an air of sophistication, especially when paired with the right bathroom fixtures and linens.

Deep, rich bathroom colours at Ocean Residence by FMD Architects

Bathroom colours for 2022 that you'll love

Colour trends for bathrooms constantly change with as tastes and styles evolve over the course of time. These are our favourite bathroom colours for 2022 but the ultimate choice is down to you and your tastes and preferences. Think about the space you have, the furnishings you’ll use, the tone you want to create and the colours that make you happy and you’ll have all the information you need to pick a colour that wokrs for you.

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