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9 stylish ways to set up your staircase lights

9 stylish ways to set up your staircase lights

Stair lights are a brilliant way to transform your staircase. They come in a wide range of designs, each bringing its own characteristics and benefits making your stairs safer while adding an undeniable sense of style.

Words by Yohei Guy

There are many stylish ways to set up your staircase lights. From LED lighting to more classic wall fixtures and sconces, you can illuminate and elevate the appearance of your stairs quickly and easily.

Step lights at Tiarri Hamptons - Photography: Greg Rivers - Clixar

1. Up-down lights

Up-down lights are elegant staircase lights. With one bulb on the top and one on the bottom, the glow streams on a vertical axis on the wall, fading slowly as the light stretches away from the fixing. They provide a calm and modern aesthetic, almost like a hotel or high-end restaurant.

One of the best features of these fixtures is that each one is added individually, so you can add as few or as many as you like, depending on the size of your stairwell and how bright you would like the area to be.

2. Step lights

Step lights also make excellent staircase lights. They're installed into the side, or along the bottom, of every step. They're one of the best ways to reduce the likelihood of falls, as every single step is outlined, but they also have great aesthetic qualities.

As well as this, if you reduce your home's brightness in the evening, your staircase will remain lit and will become the centrepiece of the space.

G-O Outdoor Light by Flos from Euroluce

3. Back lighting

Back lights are lights installed into the back of the stairs so that light glows through on each step. They have similar benefits to step lights in that they are not only attractive, bringing focus to the staircase, but they are functional too.

People choose staircase lights for different reasons, but if you are interested in functional designs, this inbuilt option could be for you. They're a little tricky to install in older staircases, but they can be done.

4. Handrail or banister lights

Handrail or banister lights are a great option as they provide an extra layer of security. If you need to use the stairs late at night, seeing the banister is incredibly helpful.

If you live in a new home, banister lights accentuate the slick and straight appearance of the handrail, a look in line with modern trends. If you live in an older home, the banister is more likely to have antique qualities worth highlighting.

Timber Handrail LED from TecLED

5. Mount lights

Mount lights are staircase lights that are fully complete fixtures added to walls. They're likely to be the most common light fixing that you have in your home, and can be hung from the ceiling too.

They're popular because of their flexibility – the range of styles and colours can be chosen to match almost any staircase. Ceiling fixtures are best suited to a home with a high ceiling over the stairs, while smaller mount fixtures can be easily added to the walls around shorter staircases.

6. LED stair light

LED staircase lights are another popular choice. LEDs are generally more energy-efficient, cost-effective and long-lasting than other systems, which is why they make such good home additions. This is particularly important if you are going to make your stairs a focal point in your home, as you will want to have them turned on for long periods.

LEDs can also come in many forms. You can install an LED strip, which provides one long continuous light strip down the stair or you can install smaller fixtures that come in many designs and colours.

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Simply 1.0 Recessed Light from Special Lights

7. Surface-mounted lights

Surface-mounted lights are slightly different in that they still protrude from walls, but this time by only a small amount. Because of this, they are slightly slicker than mount lights, and they are equally effective and flexible.

Surface mounts can be bought in hundreds of different shapes and sizes to suit your space. Some of the best surface-mount lights are circular as the round shapes look extremely well-balanced when installed at intervals next to the more angular stairs. Sometimes they come with silver outlines, adding a futuristic feel.

8. Wall lights

Wall lights are incredibly versatile options to consider for staircase lighting. They are available in many styles and colours, so much so that you’ll be able to find something unique that matches your home with no trouble at all. From a more humble, minimalist fixture to something more artistic and expressive, the choice will be down to you.

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Pin-Up Wall Lights by Lodes from LightCo

9. Strip lighting

Strip lighting lights are designed so that they come in one long band. They look particularly stylish on stairs because a strip can follow the staircase outline step by step. This can create an almost illustrated effect on the stairs by highlighting their outline and edge. Lighting designers enjoy using LED strip lights to achieve this effect.

Staircase lights for safety and style

Stair injuries can happen to anyone, so it's important to make sure that they are properly illuminated. By selecting the right kind of staircase lights, you will also be able to enhance the look of your stairs. From surface-mounted lights to LED strip lighting, each option offers a unique look and ambience while also making sure your stairs are properly illuminated for the well-being of all.

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