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How Kiwis Can Live Large in Tiny Homes

How Kiwis Can Live Large in Tiny Homes

There are many kinds of space saving methods you can incorporate when planning the interior of your home. For example, you can position your bed in the living room by creating a second level that’s accessible via step ladder. Also, you can take advantage of the space under the stairs by turning them into drawers. When planning the interior, make sure to use every space wisely to make your home efficient but not cramped.

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Why Should You Live in a Tiny Home?

Having a tiny home means you have a smaller impact on the environment. With a small home, you can use a composting toilet, rainwater catchment and even solar or wind power as a source of electricity. Even if some tiny homeowners prefer to receive water and electricity from the city’s main supply, their utility bills will not be anywhere near the cost of an average New Zealand home.

Downsizing and having a smaller carbon footprint helps you save money. This means you can improve the choice of materials, fittings or finishes of your home. After living in your tiny home for a longer period, the money you save can be used on renovation.

What are Tiny Homes Made of?

Many tiny homes in New Zealand are made of high-grade plywood. One of the best types is Russian birch plywood. Joiners and designers recommend Russian birch for its quality and multi-ply edge grain. It has a smooth surface, is robust and resistant to splitting, and has a good holding capacity when screwed or nailed. It is ideal for residential construction projects that require a strong, weather resistant material.

Russian birch plywood has an attractive side profile, which also makes it suitable for constructing premium furniture. Russian birch suitable for kitchen fixtures, bookshelves and the architectural linings on roofs. With Russian birch, you can make your home both stylish and resilient.

The Best Plywood Supplier in New Zealand

Plymasters is a professional plywood distributor that specialises in supplying a wide range of plywood to joiners, architects and builders. We travel anywhere in New Zealand and provide a free sample pack of our plywood.

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