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  • HPL Plywood
  • Architectural Ply
  • Prefinished Ply
  • Wall/Ceiling Linings
  • Joinery Plywood

Our Kiwi team take great pride in sourcing globally unique and innovative ply and panels for our clients. Trusted by you, we stand by our world-class product range.

For over a decade, Plymasters has been specializing in supplying various types of plywood and panels, timber veneers, melamine, HPL panels and architectural linings to builders, architects, joiners and end-users nation wide.

You’ll see Plymasters products in a range of places. Some you’d expect. Some you wouldn’t. What they have in common is that there’s been a lot of care go into them. From high-spec, award-winning homes (interiors and exteriors), to hospitality and educational buildings to commercial buildings and even fishing vessels.

We look forward to bringing your plywood and panel vision alive. 

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