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Know Your Bette Bath Style

Know Your Bette Bath Style

Franklins is an expert in porcelain on steel baths and has been bringing them over from Germany for the New Zealand market since 1996. Bette’s all-natural Glazed Titanium Steel is far superior to any other bathroom material we have come across.

Words by Franklins

Bette baths have been designed and manufactured in Germany from purely natural materials since 1952. They are made from Glazed Titanium Steel. The surface is harder than marble, plastic or steel alone. They are of lasting value, gentle on skin and manufactured completely without chemicals or solvents. They are extremely robust and remain beautiful over a long time, which we guarantee for 30 years.

Bette baths come in a range of sizes, designs, and styles. The large variety of baths that Bette offer means they can cater to any New Zealand bathroom size, interior taste or architectural requirement. The 3 main styles of bath that Bette offer are: Drop-in, Freestanding, and Highline (new to the NZ bathroom market).


Drop-in baths can be more space-efficient for small bathrooms because they can be built into the walls of the room. They also work very well as a shower and bath combo to save the need for a separate shower enclosure.

Bette Lux Oval Drop-in Bath


Freestanding baths are beautiful and become the centrepiece of your bathroom. In the right bathroom, they can make the area feel more spacious. You can get more creative with the placement of a freestanding bathtub. There’s no need to be against a wall or on a plinth, it could be placed in the middle of the room if the plumbing allows.

Bette Art Freestanding Bath
Bette Starlet Freestanding Bath


Highline is a reasonably new bath style in New Zealand. It can be put directly into your floor and will become the most unique design element in your bathroom. Alternatively, you can use the height to add to the plinth of your bath.

Bette Lux Highline Bath
Bette One Highline Bath

Whichever style you choose, you know that you will be getting a beautifully designed, flawless Bette bath that will stand the test of time.

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