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Winter Bamboo Projects

Winter Bamboo Projects

Welcome to our mid year “Bamboo update”, featuring recent projects, articles and images of how customers are using some of our beautiful, natural bamboo products in their homes and workplaces.

Words by Plantation Bamboo

Coromandel Coffee Bamboo Flooring

A customer in Coromandel shared some photos of her beautiful new bamboo flooring (coffee colour) that her and her partner recently installed themselves. They loved their new floor and sent us an email saying the Plantation compressed bamboo flooring “Looks flipping amazing! And feels unreal! Invites you to sit on the floor!” Ally, Coromandel

Stunning use of bamboo panels

The new Lulu Bar and Restaurant in Wellington’s Courtenay Place, features a very innovative use of our vertical bamboo panels on the walls (made from 2440x1220x20mm panels).

The bamboo panels were CNC routed to create a wavy, 3D-type effect which looks stunning – providing real depth and character to the environment.  With an “Oceanic/Island” theme, the matching bamboo table-tops and lovely greenery displays, complete the setting nicely.

New “Vanilla” bamboo flooring!

We were delighted to receive a few lovely photos from a Bay of Plenty customer of her new vanilla compressed bamboo flooring in their beautiful home. These are the first high quality photos we’ve had of this newer bamboo flooring option (which is made with a white wash over the natural bamboo flooring base board).

The vanilla colour was introduced as a fresh, modern, classy look for those wanting a lighter colour option in our bamboo flooring range.

Bamboo X-Treme Decking in use around the world!

Below on the left is a Brazilian beach resort featuring our bamboo x-treme decking on the pool-side walkways. This demonstrates how versatile this high quality decking product is – being used close to the sea, in hot humid temperatures all around the world. Looks very inviting doesn’t it, as we face the winter chill! Then in stark contrast, on the right is the same bamboo x-treme decking being able to handle the freezing ice and cold of winter – “X-treme conditions” indeed!

Fast growing bamboo

Bamboo is an extremely fast growing hardwood alternative.  The giant bamboo species “Moso” (which our bamboo products are made from) belongs to the fastest growing plants in the world. It reaches a height of around 20 metres within just a few months, growing at a speed of up to 1 metre a day during the growing season!

It takes the bamboo stem around 4-5 years to fully mature and acquire its excellent hardwood-like characteristics (hardness, strength and dimensional stability).  This stands in stark contrast with hardwood timber alternatives, that can take over 50 years to mature and are increasingly more scarce and expensive. Bamboo is a sustainable timber alternative.

Click here for more information on the benefits that this amazing plant can provide.

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