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The team at Plantation Bamboo are passionate about this incredible, natural and sustainable material – Bamboo. As New Zealand’s only specialist bamboo importer and distributor, Plantation offers top quality bamboo building-related products that represent great value-for-money, direct to customers all over the country. We firmly believe that bamboo is the next generation in sustainable building materials.

The Plantation Bamboo team is committed to providing exceptional service, superior products and a strong desire to exceed customer expectations. After 16 years in business, we have established bamboo market leaders – with strong product knowledge and over 1000 satisfied customers, including some of New Zealand’s leading home building companies, architects, designers, builders, and numerous homeowners.

Plantation Bamboo imports and distributes their products directly to you, and understands that it is important to work with a reliable company. We offer not only a solid and varied range of products with great prices but also comprehensive warranties, technical and installation support, manufacturing information and thorough product testing.

Products are supplied and distributed directly out of our warehouses in Auckland and Christchurch, offering our products New Zealand wide. We can also refer you to good Installers and Joiners if needed. The plantation is excited to be part of the global innovation and movement towards using bamboo as a truly stunning and sustainable building material.

Although it may all look the same, the quality of bamboo products from different manufacturers and suppliers will differ greatly. The quality of the finished product is highly dependent on the quality of the raw materials used in the production of the bamboo product, and also the manufacturing and quality assurance process itself.

Ensure that you are dealing with a reliable company.  One that offers not just a great price and a wide variety of coordinating products, but can also provide product specification data sheets and manufacturing information, as well as good warranties, sound installation practices and prompt technical support services.

If you're thinking bamboo - think Plantation Bamboo.

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