130 Degrees Grey Flooring Series

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We source a range of Engineered timber products for installation on your floor. Speak to one of our flooring specialists about your project.

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Benefits of Engineered Flooring

More Stable

Due to the layered construction of the engineered core, your less likely to experience movement, warping or gapping between boards.

More Environmentally Conscious

Reducing the amount of solid hardwood used per board, gives a wider board cover while preserving earths' resources.

Faster to Install

Installation and site finishing can be done quicker than solid flooring because the boards are engineered and machined before it comes to site.

Available Pre-finished

Under a tight timeframe? Your colour and finish selection is applied to your flooring offsite in a factory before it arrives to your project. Now you only need to allow time for installation.

Higher Resistance to Climate Changes

With climate change increasing globally, the engineered backing gives a higher resistance to moisture and climate changes, preventing swelling, shrinking, cupping or gapping compared to solid flooring.

Compatible with Underfloor Heating

Suitable to be laid with underfloor heating or cooling systems due to the engineered ply layer.

Large Selection

Choosing engineered flooring DOES NOT limit your flooring options. There is a wide range of engineered flooring products that use between 4-6mm of real timber atop the engineered backing.

Just as Many Re-Sands

Timber flooring can be re-sanded a few times before reaching the tongue and groove layer. Engineered and solid flooring have a similar depth layer of solid hardwood above the tongue and groove which can range between 3-7mm. Re-sanding isn't an issue with engineered flooring.

Product Warranty

Most engineered flooring comes with a product warranty of between 2-25 years.

Because solid flooring is a natural product, it doesn't come with a product warranty.

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