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Experience advanced cleaning with the 8.5kg Top Load Washer featuring Magic Dispenser. Dissolves detergent, delivers a richer fragrance, and offers powerful filtration.

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    Washing Machines
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  • Washing Capacity (kg): 8.5 kg 
  • Drum type: Diamond Drum 
  • Pulsator: Center Jet 
  • Net Dimension (WxHxD): 637 x 1075 x 701 mm 
  • Full Depth Including Protruding Part: 701 mm

Digital Inverter Technology
Digital Inverter Technology gives you long-lasting, reliable performance, less noise, less vibration and less wear-and-tear.

Magic Dispenser
Wash without worrying about residual detergent. A Magic Dispenser creates a powerful water vortex. It dissolves liquid and powder detergent and disperses it evenly before a wash cycle starts. So it keeps the detergent box clean and minimises the risk of any residue being left on your clothes*.

Intensive Wash
Helps to get clothes spotlessly clean, even if they’re really dirty. The Intensive Wash can be used in any course* to help remove stubborn stains, like blood, tea, wine, make-up and grass. It quickly pre-mixes detergent and helps water to penetrate deep into the fabric. So dirt is removed more effectively.

Deep Softener
Enhance softner fragrance. The Deep Softener option maximises the effect of softener by optimising the rinsing algorithm.With the same amount of softner, the fragrance is enhanced, reducing waste as a soaking course does not need to be added.

Magic Filter
Keep unsightly speckles off your whites and darks, and help protect your drainage from getting clogged up. A Magic Filter gathers the lint, fluff and particles that come out of your laundry. And it’s easy to empty, so you can keep it working efficiently.

Eco Tub Clean
Keep your top load washer fresh and clean. The Eco Tub Clean course removes dirt that can build-up in the drum and around the door gasket without harsh or costly detergent. And it will even notify you automatically when it needs cleaning*

Smart Check
The Smart Check automatic error-monitoring system detects and diagnoses problems and provides easy troubleshooting solutions using a smartphone App.*

Diamond Drum
Protect clothes. The Diamond Drum's unique 'soft curl' design washes clothes effectively, while treating them with care. Its smooth, diamond-shaped ridges are gentle on even delicate items. The small water exit holes also helps prevent fabric from becoming trapped and damaged.

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