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Stay efficient with the 8kg DV5000T Heat Pump Dryer: Quick Dry, 9-Star Energy Rating, Optimal Dry, Wrinkle Prevent, and Reversible Door.

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    Clothes Dryers
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  • Drying Capacity: 8.0 kg 
  • Energy Rating: 9 Star 
  • Type of Dryer: Heatpump 
  • Drum type: Diamond 
  • Net Dimension (WxHxD): 600 x 850 x 600 mm 
  • Full Depth Including Protruding Part: 650 mm

9-Star energy efficient with Heat Pump Technology
Heat Pump Technology offers a gentle and energy-efficient way to dry clothes*. Its impressive 9-star rating for energy efficiency uses a ‘refrigerant’ to heat the air, instead of electricity. It also recycles warm air to help reduce energy usage.

Smart Control
Dry laundry easily and effectively with AI Control. It personalizes drying by remembering your habits, suggesting cycles and displaying timely information. A SmartThings App* provides advice on cycles, planning and troubleshooting. And it selects the perfect drying course for a wash cycle**.

OptimalDry™ System is an intelligent drying system using 3 unique sensors. The moisture sensor adjusts the drying time. The temperature sensor stops clothes from getting too hot. And the heater cover sensor reminds you to clean the Heat Exchanger.

Quick Dry 35
Get the clothes you need most urgently dried fast. The Quick Dry Cycle can get a 1kg load dry and ready to wear in just 35 minutes*.

Wrinkle Prevent
Reduce wrinkles and save time on ironing. Simply select Wrinkle Prevent and, once the drying cycle ends, it intermittently turns the drum without heat for up to 180 minutes. This helps prevent clothes from resting in one place for too long while they are hot and reduces creases on the fabric.

Reversible Door
Choose and change the direction of the dryer door to suit the layout of your home. Best of all, you can check what’s inside with a glance through the transparent door.

Maintain your dryer easily and optimise drying performance and safety. This innovative filter has a multi-layered mesh, eliminating the need for a Heat Exchanger filter. This makes the dryer easy to maintain. Two alarms also remind you when the Filter and Heat Exchanger need cleaning.

Digital Inverter Technology
Enjoy superior efficiency and a long-lasting performance. Digital Inverter Technology utilises strong magnets for a quiet and powerful performance with enhanced efficiency. It also provides exceptional durability, backed-up by a warranty of 20 years on the motor.

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