American Ash Benchtop

Lighter than American Oak and with wider grain, this is a popular hardwood alternative to Oak. Its staining qualities make this a versatile option for any interior style. 

Solid Wood Kitchen Benchtops crafted to customers designs, colours, timbers and finishes. All featuring the generous and extensive WOODSMITHS warranties.

Even softer timbers such as macrocarpa become so much stronger with the generous coatings of Hi-Build Resin that The WOODSMITHS apply as standard. Plus the resin is flexible to reduce the risk of cracking the surface.

Hi-Build Resin is highly resistant to all household cleaners, chemicals, solvents and bleaches... Virtually “Stain-Proof”.

The silky-smooth glass-like finish makes cleaning a breeze. All standard non-abrasive cleaners can be used. We recommend using a microfibre cloth and warm water. Fine steel wool and methylated spirits can be used to remove heavy grime build­up. To restore the original sheen simply apply a thin coat of the Bench Top Wax supplied.

The Hi-Build Resin surface is highly heat resistant. Boiling water is no problem for example. However, we recommend that heat resistant mats, tiles, glass or marble should be used where hot pots and pans are frequently used.

Dents can often be repaired by pouring boiling water on them and rubbing with a towel. Major ruptures can easily be repaired “on-site” by filling with resin and buffing.

Hi-Build Resin is made for use on any timber species. Being hard and yet flexible it allows the timber to move naturally without cracking. It is also UV resistant.

Benchtops from The WOODSMITHS are totally encased with the resin to make them all-round water and steam proof. Water leaks, steam from Dishwashers, etc, will not affect them.

All benchtops finished with Hi-Build Resin are covered by a full TEN-year warranty against faulty workmanship and/or materials. Includes splitting, resin breakdown. If you have any problem with your benchtop, The WOODSMITHS will be there to rectify it within 7 days.

Hi-Build Resin Finish vs. Two Pack Lacquer or Natural Oil Finish
With Solid Wood benchtops, it is the finish that counts
The Woodsmiths Hi-Build Resin finish is 2-3 mm thick. It is the thickness that makes the Hi-Build Resin superior to all other finishes. Covered by TWS 10 Year Warranty.

The Two-Pack Lacquer finish is only a thin coating suitable for bar caps that are not in high wear areas. This coating will not withstand scratches and impact as the Hi-Build Resin will. The Two-Pack Lacquer is also suitable for doors, panels and moulding. Scratches and marks cannot easily be repaired on-site. Covered by TWS 5 Year Warranty.

Natural Oil finish soaks into the timber and forms a good seal. This finish does require constant maintenance coats depending on wear; approximately 4-6 times each year. Scratches and marks can be repaired on-site by sanding and re-oiling. Covered by TWS 5 Year Warranty.

The Woodsmiths recommends the Hi-Build Resin Finish for all benchtops.

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The WOODSMITHS you probably already know. Over a quarter of a century dedicated to enduring solid wood craftsmanship has made our badge synonymous with luxury and bespoke excellence. Work that can be seen in the homes, kitchens and industry throughout New Zealand.

Solid Wood Bench Tops have been a part of this. Timber Bench Tops crafted to customers designs, colours, timbers and finishes. All featuring the generous and extensive WOODSMITHS warranties. 

Our products are not mass-produced. Each piece is individually handcrafted. We enjoy working with customers to design solid wood benchtops and other solid wood products that are unique and functional. We are committed to the highest quality of craftsmanship and take pride in each piece we make.