Imagine the convenience of being able to open and close all of your windows at the touch of a button. Maximise ventilation from hard to reach windows or close all your windows at once when you leave the building, with an Elevation Control Window system. It can be configured to suit your home or office and enables windows in each zone to be opened to a venting or wide open position. And includes advanced features such as automatic closing when it is raining or when it gets dark.

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    Door Closers
  • Small Construction Depth - 70mm
  • Uf-value - 1,3 W/m²K
  • Panel Thickness - up to 41mm
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With more than 15 years of experience and having successfully completed a whopping 3000-plus projects, Warm Windows is a name you can trust. We quickly realised that awning windows and staking doors were becoming more popular in New Zealand, so we worked with our suppliers to create a product line-up that is uniquely suited to local conditions.

We’ve developed our own uPVC system that corresponds with New Zealand building code and installation procedures. The Kiwi market requires an extended warranty of 15 years on joinery profiles, so we work exclusively with top-quality components that are up to the task.

Our approach is simple; always build custom doors and windows. That’s the only way to ensure that the fit is perfect every time, for every house. Because each unit is fabricated individually, we can offer an extended list of design options and hardware configurations.

We have worked very hard to create a strong reputation in the New Zealand joinery market, not only for the quality of our double-glazed doors and windows but also for our terms of service. The best evidence we can provide is feedback from our customers. Feel free to check out our glowing reviews at No Cowboys.