Steel (onyx black finish)
Example - D400 x W1200 x H600 mm

Due to its compact and narrow design, AVENTOS HKi can be fully integrated into the cabinet side. The stay lift fitting blends seamlessly into the furniture and enables new design possibilities with high aesthetic quality. You receive pure furniture with complete design freedom. 

Versatile and sophisticated, AVENTOS HKi enhances functionality and aesthetics across kitchen, wardrobe, office, living room, entertainment, and bedroom furniture.

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    Door and Window Hinges, Cabinet Hinges, Bathroom Cabinets
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    Lift Systems
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    • Commercial and Residential
    • Commercial
    • Residential

Keynote example

Elevation X – above fridge cabinet AVENTOS HKi with TIP-ON with integrated application, no cover caps.

Motion Technologies
  • BLUMOTION Soft-close. Technology for silent and effortless closing.
  • TIP-ON Push-to-open and push-to-close. Mechanical opening support system for handle-less AVENTOS HK top, AVENTOS HK-XS and doors.
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For years Blum has meticulously crafted a revolutionary range of Austrian-made cabinet and furniture hardware. Both elegant and practical, Blum lift, hinge, and box systems deliver solutions that help translate your creative visions into reality. We are driven by your needs, international trends, and our shared vision of enhanced quality of living.

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