Bullnose Paving is used for a number of purposes, these include for stair treads, wall capings and pool coping units. Bullnose pavers are offered in a number of different sizes and in a number different materials including our Terrazzo Veneto honed and shotblasted, in our black Basalt and also Bluestone.

Bullnose pavers can be supplied with a number of edge details. Shown below these include the traditional Full round, the Square face, pencil and square arris and our new offering the dropdown Bluestone bullnose paver.

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    Concrete Pavers, Outdoor Tiles & Paving
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    Bullnose Paving


  • Full Round Bullnose
  • Pencil Aris Bullnose
  • Sq Edge Aris

All natural stone bullnose units can be offered in a range of profiles. This includes the newly featured drop down units shown above with a 70mm nosing. The drop down nosing provides all the aesthetics of a 70mm stone unit without the weight.


  • 400 * 400 Veneto
  • 500 * 500 Veneto
  • 600 * 400 Veneto
  • 600 * 600 Veneto
  • 600 * 300 Veneto, Bluestone and Black Basalt
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Horizon International has over 45 years in the New Zealand paving industry, we have operated in all areas of the industry including, contracting, manufacturing and importing. This experience ensures we understand all aspects of the industry. Formed by John Roper who remains heavily involved today.

Horizon International is a pavement supply company that specialises in the sourcing, supply, installation and maintenance methodology of commercial urban environments.

We offer access to outstanding products, and a carefully selected choice of materials and solutions that have not only proved themselves in the harshest commercial environments but, look great and prove durable, many exclusive to Horizon, these include:-

Our paving solutions help deliver public spaces and streetscape projects that are economically and environmentally sustainable. We offer full paving solutions.

Our technical and installation expertise exceeds 35 years and has been proven on projects around New Zealand including city centres, airports,  port developments,  golf-course developments and heavy-duty pavements.

We pride ourselves in having quality products, expertise and systems to advise on installation, friendly helpful staff where nothing is too much trouble.