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CAN280BP - Black Pearl Sink

The Pearl Arc range offers 4 unique colour finishes, across 4 sink options and 2 tap solutions.

  • Under Mount
  • Includes:
    • Floor Grid for optimum protection
    • Waste cover
    • Waste kit and overflow

·         Bowl Dimensions: 280mm x 400mm x 180mm

·         Overall Dimensions: 320mm x 440mm x 180mm

·         Minimum Cabinet Size: 400mm



Shot peening the stainless steel surface creates a harder more durable surface that is both scratch-resistant and impact resistant.

The mixed material pellets are fired into the stainless steel surface causing plastic deformation and hence compressive stress in the material.



Commonly referred to as PVD, Titanium and Chrome Oxide Coating is a vapour deposition technique where solid titanium or chrome metal is vaporized in a high vacuum environment and deposited on to the sink surface as a pure metal coating.

The process transfers the molecular level providing an extremely hardwearing coloured layer.



Finally a nano-resin layer of hydrophobic active substance provides long lasting ultra thin protection and a durable easy to clean surface eff ect.

Branded Zomodo, and from the Pearl Arc range by Burns & Ferral


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