Chillida Gravitación 1991 Tapestry by Nanimarquina

Inspired by the work of Eduardo Chillida, this tapestry design pays tribute to the Gravitation collage. Ink 1991.

The Gravitaciones series were not simple overlapping paper cut-outs, but relief sculptures. Chillida playfully took the concept of gravitating almost to the limit, because the paper weighed so little. By suspending different types of paper he achieved a dramatic effect, exerting a new tension in the way the paper fragments overlapped or intercalated, in turn creating spaces of light and shadow between them.

This tension was our prime focus in transforming hiswork into a rug. Playing with ancestral techniques, New Zealand wool fiber and different heights, the suspension that Chillida was looking for has been reflected.

  • Category
    Wall Art, Sculptures and Art
  • Range
  • 120x138 cm
  • Fibers: 100% New Zealand wool
  • Techniques: Hand knotted
  • Total height: 15mm
  • Density: 124,000 knots/m2
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