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Cinier LED Lighting & Sculptures

Exclusive modern products for the Luxury homes.

The Ateliers Cinier has reinvented the radiator to be a decorative work of art and is the only company in the world producing a collection of Towel warmers & radiators made with Olycal stone since 1990. In addition to being respectful of the environment, Cinier radiators offer
the highest level of technology, quality of fabrication and creativity to deliver excellence in the art of heating.

Since 1975, Michel Cinier has been signing all new product lines introduced by the company. The company has expanded its range of product lines to include the works of two artists, creating new designs with a level of creativity such than the design often becomes even more valuable to the customer than the technical performance of the product.

Johanne Cinier, creative director at the Cinier company, finds her inspiration in colors when creating new towel warmer & radiator designs, and those designs become a complete representation of contemporary art.

The LT LED Lighting collection brings a modern and exclusive style. Some LT pieces have become already iconic.

Our products are intended for luxury & modern homes or hospitality (Top-end modern boutique hotels, concept store, restaurants, exclusive offices and modern Interior Design).

We love creativity, beauty & energy efficiency.


CINIER LT Lines are characterized by a very high level of craftsmanship and design. Technical excellence and style are the values of the family owned company since 1975. Each CINIER LT is handmade in the CINIER workshops in France. Being surrounded by beauty is a way of living. Everyone has his vision. The most important thing is to make sense.

With 600 hundred high-performance LED lights, the CINIER LT wall light offers a powerful indirect lighting with a unique design.
By day, the Cinier LT Wall fixture is a contemporary sculpture. By night, it is sublimated by 600 LED lights.

Several ways to release the light and achieve the desired ambiance :

•    White, subtle and minimalist (warm white or neutral white)
•    Or versatile in an array of colors (RGB Option)

CINIER LT can be set to automatically change the intensity of the light frame by simply using the infrared remote control.
24V DC (24V low voltage built-in transformer included) - Mains Voltage (100V to 277V).



The Cinier LT Wall Light achieves  a 75% power consumption reduction and with a long operational life. Selecting CINIER LT LED products is choosing to reduce the energy consumption of your home and our planet. For the same output, LT LED products offer an additional 75% Energy saving compared to a standard lighting fixture. CINIER LT LED products combine a high quality LED to a unique lighting design.

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