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Cioccolato - Natural Marble - Elite

Cioccolato - means chocolate in Brazilian! These slabs are 20mm honed or polished and from China. It is almost unbelievable that the slabs are flat - the three dimensional craters and peaks appear like an alien landscape. A very unique stone with lovely colouring.

We have a large range of marbles available in an astonishing array of colours from different parts of the world. Marble has for millennia been regarded as a symbol of luxury and each piece is a unique work of art. The classic soft grey varieties generally come from Italy or Greece, more dramatic and varied shades are available to suit everyone

Marble is metamorphic (rock that has undergone transformation by heat, pressure, or other natural agencies, e.g. in the folding of strata or the nearby intrusion of igneous rocks).

Finishes available generally are polished (high gloss), honed (matt/satin) and in some stones leathered (a leather look and texture).

With good care your stone surface will last a lifetime and make a lasting and artistic presence in your home. Make an appointment to come and view the extensive range available.

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