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Clorofilla Tile Collection

The Clorofilla Tile Collection follows one of the macro trends for 2020 interiors: “Biophilic Design”. This trend focuses on the relationship between Man and Nature, striving to create spaces in which to “bring in the outdoors”, to give people the opportunity to make the best of it. The trend goes increasingly in the direction of seeking new contacts with Nature, both emotionally and physically. 

The use of organic, natural patterns indoors brings renewed vigour to the relationship between Man and Nature, in response to the growing need to move away from the busy pace of urban life in cities where pollution levels are rising. Embracing nature in our living spaces has a positive impact on our mood and well-being, reducing stress and creating an inviting environment. 

The project is composed of a range of tiles inspired by hand-crafted botanical designs that bring the natural universe of the outdoors into interiors. This collection can be used for both floors and walls in both residential and commercial settings subject to light traffic (shops, bars, restaurants, etc.). The range of 20x20 botanical tiles, presented in Primavera and Autunno variants, is completed with four plain colours that can be coordinated and mixed with natural patterns. Each design has been crafted entirely by hand, and the subtle brushstrokes of every colour are visible, bringing added value to this “art collection” that gives an authentic, one-off touch to living spaces.

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