Covrex Classic, the patented pool cover system. SSL Distributors is the exclusive agent and fabricator of this luxury system. Covrex is a Belgian company specialised in the production of slatted pool covers and the associated system. Covrex is the only company worldwide with a patented technology for a foam filled slat with flexible connection.

With the absence of a truly high-quality pool cover on the market, their engineers invented a completely new system of pool cover. Which is now distributed world-wide.


It will be the best choice of security and insulation, along with many other advantages compared to hollow slats:

  • Maximum Security.
  • Best Insulation Coefficient.
  • Prevents Algae Formation.
  • 4x Standard Colour Options.
  • Resistant to Hail & Extreme Temperatures.
  • Smallest Roll-up Diameter.
  • Various Drive Systems Available: Top Mount, Terrace Systems & Underwater Systems.

Why You Need Choose Covrex ?
SSL’s automated Covrex pool cover provides your family with the ultimate pool security. A removable key allows the cover to be locked from young children and its interlocking slats will support the weight of a child and even an adult. Under New Zealand law your pool still requires a fence.

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The Best Insulation
The foam filled slats offer the best insulation coefficient over the whole lifespan of the cover. It will make you enjoy your pool for long periods and will reduce the loss of heat during the cooler days and nights.

Maximum Safety
One of the main objectives of Covrex® is to offer you the maximum safety for your pool. This is why they developed their products based on the strictest norms relative to pool covers. Covrex® Classic is up to 7x stronger than what is asked, to offer you maximum security. Keeping your loved ones and pets safe when around your poolscape area.

Pay itself off within 5+ years
A pool can cost lots of money to operate if not managed properly. A SSL Cover has slats which are 25% more buoyant and heat conserving than other products on the market. In fact SSL has saved certain customers over $10,000 on their gas bills with the Automatic Cover. Just think about the carbon footprint reduction as well! This cover will also save you up to twice the volume of your pool each year in evaporation which probably accounts for over 30% of your household consumption.

Curved and infinity edge capable
Covrex® Pool Protection is the only company to offer you foam filled slats. this advantage can be taken to the maximum if your pool consists of rounded shapes. Your installer can cut the slats on perfect shape on site, to make sure your Covrex® Classic perfectly fits the shape of your pool for a faultless aesthetic.

Colour options
We have 4x main colour options available to suit your pool and it's surrounds. Leading from left to right: Blue Sky, Steel Grey, Silex Grey and Cream White.

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