Dominator NatureSteel Garage Doors

Introducing the Dominator NatureSteel Garage Doors - the perfect combination of beauty and strength for your home. The NatureSteel material mimics the look of natural timber, giving your garage a sophisticated finish that will elevate the overall aesthetic of your property. 

Not only does the Dominator NatureSteel Garage Door look stunning, but it is also incredibly durable. Resistant to weathering, insects, rot, fire, and corrosion, this door will outlast traditional timber doors and require minimal maintenance.* 

Upgrade your home with the Dominator NatureSteel Garage Door today!

*With a regular cleaning regime, you can ensure the longevity of the steel and surface coating, providing you with peace of mind for years to come. Refer our standard maintenance & warranty guidelines.

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    Sectional Garage Doors, Hinged Doors, Front Doors
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    Garage Doors
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  • Warranty
    10 years
  • Country of origin
    New Zealand
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  • Installation
    Professional installation required
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    Professional assembly required


Available in Daylight Opening Sizes (DLO) from 1825mm to 3440mm in height and from 2400mm to 6600mm in width.

Additional sizes may be available, please discuss your requirements with your local Dominator Dealer.


Horizontal TG&V Ribbed profile.

Manufactured from 0.55 BMT pre-painted steel.

This profile can be fully insulated with precision-cut graphite infused EPS - more details here.


Recommended Clearance Requirements:

  • Standard Headroom - 320mm 
  • Standard Headroom with opener - 350mm 
  • Low Headroom with opener - 200mm (Opener Recommended) 
  • Sideroom - 140mm • Backspace with opener - 3550mm (Door height up to 2300mm)

Download the Dominator Framing Specification Sheet


Doors are provided for standard headroom (350mm) situations, unless otherwise specified.

Rear torsion and Intermediate Low Headroom systems are available as optional extras.


Dominator sectional garage doors will provide you with quiet, smooth operation. Features include:

  • Factory fitted, muntins and end styles ensure consistent panel tolerances for trouble free operation. 
  • Nylon wheels with ball bearings.


Your Dominator sectional door will continue to be easy to open and close, with features such as:

  • Ball bearing wheels with two-piece roll-formed track, allowing the door to run easily and smoothly during opening and closing.  
  • Full sized hinges reduce stress loading for consistent operation.


The garage today is used to store many different valuable objects, and in some cases is converted into another room, so weather protection is an important feature of any garage door. The Dominator sectional door features:

  • Pre-painted steel, to stand up to the harsh New Zealand climate. 
  • Bottom weatherseal which is soft and pliable, helping to stop leaves and rain coming in under the door. 
  • Mohair option available to reduce gaps between the door and the door jamb, to keep out the weather.


Your Dominator sectional door will continue to operate like new, with features such as:

  • Springs designed to exceed the Aus/NZ Standard for garage doors – 20,000 cycles. 
  • Factory fitted, muntins and end styles ensure consistent panel tolerances for trouble free operation.
Scope of use

The NatureSteel is a perfect garage door choice for high quality homes and is suitable for both one and two car-width garages.

This door style can also be fully insulated to help regulate the internal garage temperature and reduce sound transmission into and out of the garage.

Designed to be operated with an automatic garage door opener, we recommend a Sectional Opener be fitted to a Dominator NatureSteel Sectional Garage Door.

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