Sturdy, quiet and reliable, the Mitsubishi Electric range of In-Line Fans are the ideal ventilation solution for a wide range of commercial and domestic applications including living rooms, toilets, changing rooms, offices, and as a heat transfer system.

Low operation noise, high volume air extraction and energy efficient air displacement are the result of an enhanced air duct design developed by engineers for the In-Line Fan Range.

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Key Features

Quietest in-line fan range in New Zealand with high flow †

  • The centrifugal In-Line Fan features an advanced air duct design, allowing air to be distributed evenly either side of the fan.
  • This design reduces the noise level of the unit, ensuring that even whilst maintaining a high airflow rate, the In-Line Fan can operate at a super-quiet 18.5dBA*.
  • Sitting between ductwork, the In-Line Fan can be installed away from the extraction point, further decreasing noise heard by the occupant.

*V-15ZMW-E In-Line Fan Model 

† Measured at 1.5m from the side of the unit: Ducting attached

Ideal for applications where noise is a key consideration

  • Perfect for areas with limited space above the extraction point and noise-sensitive environments such as meetings rooms, libraries and living rooms.

Versatile and sturdy design for easy installation

  • Equipped with adjustable mounting brackets and removable duct spigots, installations are both convenient and versatile.
  • This provides options for both roof cavity and ceiling exposed mounting.

Intelligent heat transfer for optimum comfort and minimising the need for additional home heating sources

  • The In-Line Fan can be utilised as a heat transfer system; working by using excess heat created by the main heating source such as a heater or fireplace, and distributing that heat to the desired rooms.

Stylish, unobtrusive design to fit with any surrounding

  • Operating at a low noise level and tucked away in the roof cavity, the system is virtually silent and out of sight with only the grille visible.

Note: it is not recommend to install a heat transfer system if the heating source is a heat pump.

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Mitsubishi Electric are leaders in providing energy efficient heating, cooling and ventilation solutions for both residential homes and commercial buildings. The ability to offer next generation technology, advanced features as well as sleek design, make the brand a favourite amongst architects.

With the extensive range of solutions on offer, homeowners are able to choose the perfect heat pump for every room in the home. Whether it is a small capacity whisper quiet high wall for the bedroom, a sleek coloured heat pump to make a bold colour statement in the lounge, a compact recessed floor console for the home office, or an unobtrusive ducted whole home heating and ventilation system, there is a style to meet any need.

In addition to heat pumps, air conditioning and ventilation, Mitsubishi Electric also offer next generation hot water heat pump solutions. These advanced systems not only provide super energy efficient hot water heating but offer central radiator and under-floor heating, at the same time!

Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric also offer a range of industry leading multi drawer refrigerators, dehumidifiers, exhaust fans and jet towel high speed hand dryers.