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Duemilaotto Kitchen

DESIGN: Piero Lissoni + CRS Boffi / 2008

DESCRIPTION: Kitchen designed to emphasise the value of using natural materials. Treated woods, new varieties of stone for the worktops and peninsular eating areas in different thicknesses, artisan floor tiles and Duemilaotto handles (different Boffi range handles also available) integrated (sunk) into the doors. Externally vented hoods use an innovative system and the project is further complemented by stainless steel legs on breakfast bars. LED lamps integrated into the wall units, like the system used in the Zone Kitchen. The collection uses standard existing specifications and sizing for the carcasses.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: Carcasses are made from melamine-coated pressed wood, available either in silk white or graphite grey oak. Recessed pocket handle, sunk into the door thickness, left or right positioned or centred in a pull-out version.
Door finishes: Mat Plus lacquer, in the full Boffi range of colours; Silcover, in the full Boffi range of colours; veneer wood (all species of wood from the Boffi range available), in sliced veneer acacia wood, treated with stabiliser that gives the material a natural colour; polyester, Decomat, Corian®, laminate or stainless steel. The pocket handle is not available in stainless steel, Decomat and laminate finishes.

MATERIAL FEATURES: carcasses: made of 19mm. panels.
Doors and front panels:
- made of 23mm. medium density panels, matt lacquered (in Mat Plus lacquered with 2 layers: epofond paint and matt paint or in Silcover lacquered, in the full Boffi range of colours);
- AISI 304 stainless steel on both sides, satin finish, 22mm. thickness, with filling panel made of light inert material;
- Wood particle board panel, melamine-coated Decomat with laser edge (white or pebble grey)
- Wood particle board panel, in laminate plated (range of Boffi colours)
- 23mm. panels in wood veneer (full range of Boffi essences) with wood trim;
- white Corian®
- white polyester with handle in Corian®

Handle: integrated (sunk) into the door thickness in Mat Plus or Silcover (full colours of Boffi range), or wood veneer in complete range of species or in white polyester with handle in Corian® (Duemilaotto).
Complete range of Boffi handles also available.

Modules: base units H= 660/720/790 mm., standard widths; wall units H= 440 - 600 – 720 - 880 – 1160mm., standard widths; tall units H= 1900-2000-2060-2130-2340mm., standard widths.

Worktops: compatible with all tops listed in Boffi price list, with range of available compatible sinks and hob units. 12/20/40/60/110/190 mm. stainless steel worktops, in CRS or polished finish, compatible with standard sinks and hob units.

Worktops in solid wood: old pinewood, th. 80 mm.: available in naturally ancient fir boards for tables and snack peninsulas. 40/60/110/190 mm. thick thermo-treated acacia wood; white, black and grey larch; graphite-grey oak with “stave-effect”.

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