Eco Box Cube Storage by Lundia

Your storage solution has been elevated to a higher standard with the Eco Box Cube Storage by Lundia. This sustainable furniture marvel not only aids in the reduction of wastage but also champions environmentally conscious practices. Meticulously crafted from off-cuts originating from FSC certified radiata pine shelving production, this ingenious storage solution offers unmatched versatility by allowing stacking and configuration into various arrangements tailored to your exact requirements. 

Perfect for a plethora of settings including commercial, educational projects, homes, or libraries seeking a contemporary and adaptable aesthetic, the Eco Box presents a myriad of possibilities for personalisation. Boasting a diverse range of finishes and accessories to select from, you have the opportunity to construct a one-of-a-kind storage solution designed specifically for your unique needs. Whether destined for your office, home office, or children's rooms, the Eco Box Cube Storage stands as a versatile and environmentally conscious choice for any application.

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    Office Storage Solutions, Office Storage, Kids Bookcases & Bookshelves
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    Cube Storage
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    5 years
Scope of use

Education, Retail, Commercial, Home


The eco Box comes flat pack and easy to assemble with just a star screwdriver or we can assemble them for you prior to delivery.

Available Finishes

Eco box is manufactured from FSC certified pine and can be stained or painted any colour from Resene, clear lacquered or left Natural for you to DIY your own paint finish. We also provide the option to use melamine finishes which have PVC edge lipping.


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About the

Lundia is a range of modular shelving designed in Sweden for both commercial and residential projects. A simple Scandinavian aesthetic, it is manufactured in New Zealand to the highest quality and environmental standards, and tailored to the needs of the customer.

At Lundia, we have a biophilic design ethos. We take advantage of the power of nature to improve our indoor environments and transform any setting - whether work, home, or school - into a space where people want to be.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of adjustment - No tools are required, simply relocate the shelf pin to the new location and install the shelf or accessory to the desired height location.
  •  Load bearing - Lundia's unique shelf design can carry up to 200kg each.
  • Multiple size combinations - Lundia manufacturers a vast range of standard sizes to fit your space and storage requirements.