EGN 9171 Monolith NoFrost | Fully Integrated Freezer

With its impressive size, clean lines, and innovative interior features, the Monolith was designed to inspire awe and integrate seamlessly into your kitchen – today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Monolith FrostSafe system has enclosed removable freezer drawers that protect frozen food from unwanted air exchange and the loss of cold air when the door is opened. In addition, the FrostSafe drawers are transparent and equipped with telescopic rails for perfect visibility. No defrosting ever!

The adjustable InfinityLight LED system casts beautiful and even side lighting, giving a soft, brightening effect upon opening the doors. Our intuitive electronic touch-control panel, InfinitySwipe, features a full-colour 3.5-inch touch & swipe screen that’s bright, clean, and wonderfully user-friendly. Stainless steel or aluminium handles and a stainless steel front are available as optional accessories.

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    Fridges & Freezers, Commercial Fridges and Freezers
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  • Warranty
    3 years

Aperture dimensions (height/width/depth): 213.4 / 45.7 / 63.5 cm

Type of installation: Designed for integrated use

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Monolith’s doors close automatically and gently thanks to our SoftSystem technology, which eliminates slamming even when shelves are fully loaded. Depending on the size of the Monolith unit, door hinges can hold up to 40 kg.


Noise levels are kept to a minimum thanks to virtually silent, speed-controlled, and sound-absorbing compressors. Alongside a low-noise cooling circuit, these features ensure exact performance, energy efficiency, and SuperQuiet operation.


Monolith’s automatic IceMaker is a crowd-pleaser in itself, producing 1.6kg of filtered ice in 24 hours. Activate the SuperFrost function for an even greater production capacity. With a 1.8kg storage capacity, you will never be without.


Every year, thousands of tons of food are lost due to freezer burn, temperature fluctuations, and other storage issues. But with Monolith’s FrostSafe system, airtight removable transparent freezer drawers protect frozen food from unwanted air exchange and chilled air loss even when the door is opened.


Seamlessly integrated LED sidewall lighting in the Monolith casts a beautiful and even glow that can be adjusted to your liking. It gives a soft, brightening effect upon opening the appliance doors and comes with a pleasing night-dimming feature. InfinityLight adds drama and flair while emitting less heat to preserve food quality.


The Monolith’s intuitive electronic touch-control panel features a full-colour 3.5-inch touch and swipe screen that’s bright, clean, and wonderfully user-friendly. You’ll barely have to lift a finger to control every function.

Optional accessories - additional costs

Stainless steel front, handle variants, stainless steel toe kick, and side-by-side kit (if required).

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