Elementi | Tita Progressive Shower Mixer

The Tita Progressive shower mixer is an equal mains pressure shower valve. The benefit of a Progressive Shower Mixer is that its clockwise rotational action opens the cold-water flow first, then gradually introduces the hot water to achieve a comfortable showering temperature and then continuing to rotate the handle full hot water flow will be achieved.

This rotational / progressive temperature functionality eliminates the risk of accidentally delivering hot water by always opening the cold-water flow first, thus reducing the risk of accidental scalding and the wastage of hot water.

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    Shower Mixers
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  • Warranty
    10 years

5 Year guarantee on coloured finish

10 year guarantee

Scope of use

Suitable for Residential/Light Commercial Use (Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries in Hotels, Motels and Retirement Villages).


Suitable for Mains Pressure 

Advanced plating provides a durable surface with a long lasting finish 

Advanced cartridge technology provides a wide operating angle and smooth operation 

Turn dial clockwise from cold through hot

Electrical current is used to dissolve components into lacquer that then adhere to the surface. A thin metal-spray coating in the form of very thin layers is finally applied using PVD process. 

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