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EliteFlex Carpet Backing by Bentley

The new impervious carpet backing for high performance areas from Bentley:

Introducing EliteFlex™ 1.83m Cushion and EliteFlex™ 1.83m Hardback.
By adding EliteFlex backing to select Bentley broadlooms, you can specify beautiful carpets in fit-outs that require a heavy duty commercial soft flooring solution.

EliteFlex backings add enhanced performance to the Bentley range:

specify for education, aged care, medical, hospitality, retail and heavy traffic work spaces.

Bentley’s broadlooms with EliteFlex backing are the perfect marriage of beauty and resilience.

EliteFlex Hardback features 5 highly functional layers that improve:

  • moisture protection from spills – keeps moisture to the top layer for easy cleaning
  • moisture protection from the slab - no shrinkage at the seams, prevention of material degradation and odours
  • thermal protection from the slab – better ambient temperature in cold weather
  • increased comfort under foot
  • dimensional stability

EliteFlex Cushion back adds a 6th layer for additional:

  • sound reduction,
  • under-foot comfort and
  • extended appearance of the top carpet by up to 50%.

EliteFlex increases the longevity of the flooring through resistance to moisture, ease of maintenance, and qualities in the fibre of layers that extend the life of the top carpet.

Installation of the 1.8m wide rolls using PermaWeld Premium Seam Sealer ensures moisture does not migrate through the seams.

Well-being is the priority when material choices are made that contribute to more comfortable, healthy, and safe environments. EliteFlex is certified Cradle to Cradle Silver, NSF® 140 Gold, and CRI Green Label Plus.

All Bentley’s solution-dyed yarns never include topical soil and stain inhibitors or antimicrobial treatments, which can be harmful to the environment. Yarns are engineered to resist soiling and staining, retaining texture and colour even under the most challenging conditions.

A breakthrough product that broadens the opportunities for specifiers to choose quality carpet with a design edge for hard working spaces, EliteFlex and the Bentley flooring range are available exclusively in New Zealand through Heritage Carpets.

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