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Escea DS1900 High Output Frameless Gas Fireplace

High Output Frameless

At nearly two meters wide, the double sided DS1900 gas fireplace really puts the ultra in ultra wide fireplaces.

For those that have the wall space, this is the fireplace that will add the most wow. Keeping things simple, there is no frame. This minimalist look makes the fire and wall fit seamlessly together.  It also means the focus is where it should be – on the beautiful flames. To magnify them even more, the DS1900 has reflective side panels, giving the illusion of a fireplace that goes on forever.

With its slim depth, Powered Direct Vent Flue technology and flexible flues, the DS1900 can be installed anywhere in the home. Double sided and see-through, it makes a dramatic partition and is a great way to connect two spaces.  And if you’re looking for a single sided option check it out here.   

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