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EURAMAX | EuraMica Range (Mica & Sparkling Colours)

EuraMica range is tailored to create distinctive buildings which attract attention. These innovative dual-tone finishes contain “mica” coating pigments which reflect their own color or the basecoat color. This reflection and refraction of light causes a color variation that changes upon viewing angle and incidence of light, creating fascinating living colors.

Gloss levels have a major impact on the final colour experience. High gloss levels offer living colours, especially dual-tone. Low gloss surfaces offer more sophisticateed aesthetics. We can customise gloss levels.

Produced in coil or sheet aluminium up to 2.0mm and in many different alloys and tempers, all coated with 70% PVDF architectural paint. Proven to be the optimal choice for unbeaten quality, durability and appearance.


Note: These finishes are non-stock items and may require a minimum order quantity and lead times. For more information contact the friendly team at Ambro Metals

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