EuroCave Modulo-x Wine Racking System

Modulo-X is EuroCave’s latest release that is destined to become the gold standard in wine cellar racking.

This modular wine rack provides you with the ultimate in flexibility and sophistication. You can customise the configuration to suit your space and achieve your desired style. Chose between floor to ceiling or floor to wall installation and then select from a range of shelves and bottle supports that can display wine bottles three different ways depending on whether you wish to maximise bottle capacity, showcase bottles side on or present on an angle. The system’s clever design even allows you to reposition or adjust your layout over time. High quality anodised aluminium components with black finish and elegant, integrated backlighting makes this the perfect wine racking system to protect and showcase your wine collection.

Available for preorder now with delivery in 2022

  • Modular wine rack which is intelligently designed for space optimisation and customised configuration.
  • Perfect for floor to wall installation (1.15 – 2.85m high) or floor to ceiling insulation (2.3 – 3.4mm)
  • You can chose bottle supports to store wine in 3 differnt ways; label display, bottom display or tilted display.
  • Include shelves for standing bottles or presenting other accessories such as glassware.
  • Corner shelf provides continuity and eliminates otherwise under-utilised space in corners.
  • Integrated backlighting with dimmer creates luxurious aesthetic.
  • Optional bottle identification system.
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EuroCave Modulo-x Wine Racking System

  • Black powdered anodised aluminium (Ral 9005) 
  • Bottle supports in painted steel, black epoxy (Ral 9005) 
  • Black wooden shelves in black melamine 19 mm thick (Ral 9005) 
  • Withstands up to 300 kg, between 2 uprights


  • Height: From 1.15m to 2.85 m for the floor-wall assembly 
  • From 2.30m to 3.40m for floor-ceiling assembly 
  • Width: 440 mm and 750 mm 
  • Depth of the bottle supports: 270 mm (excluding bottle size)

Bottle supports

  • 6 supports with "Main du Sommelier" 
  • 3 shelves suitable for wine cases 
  • 4 types of bottle positioning: standing, tilted or lying down with or without labels visible 
  • Attachment by simple free positioning in the groove of the uprights, adjustable and repositionable, without limit 
  • Sold in sets of 2

Maximum capacity per column (2.90 metres high)

  • Storage version: 23 levels / up to 207 bottles* 
  • Tilted presentation version: 14 levels / up to 126 bottles*
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Eurocave is an industry expert in wine storage solutions. With a modern and large range for you to find your perfect wine storage solution. Showcase your wine with our range of storage options, from custom wine racks, and premium curated wine cellar storage to preserve your wines for cellaring or display, to wine cabinets and wine fridges to keep them at the optimum temperature for drinking.

Eurocave has set the worldwide standard for over 3 decades

Since 1976, EuroCave has been a global leader in the wine industry, creating wine storage systems that offer superior preservation and display experiences for both experts and connoisseurs alike. Around the world, EuroCave wine cabinets and wine fridges are trusted to store over 200 million bottles of fine wine.

What sets EuroCave apart from the rest?

Our team of over 200 staff are made up of industry experts and professional engineers. We understand better than anyone else the importance of creating the conditions that ensure your bottles mature in exactly the way the winemaker would have intended. We incorporate only the best features in all of our wine racking systems, including secure storage design, the best posible serving temperatures and adaptable shelving sizes that easily house a diverse collection of bottles.

This commitment has earned EuroCave a world-class reputation for elegance and excellence in over 70 countries worldwide. Our fridges and cabinets are designed and built in France and found not only throughout New Zealand, including Auckland Queenstown, DunedinWellingtonChristchurch and beyond, but in homes, restaurants and wineries across the globe.

The features we know you’ll love

As industry leaders, EuroCave continues to create the most innovative designs for our customers the world over. Here are just a few of the features that make the EuroCave range stand out…

  • A focus on being economical and energy efficient, achieving the best energy ratings available.
  • The most silent and stable design wine cabinets available on the market.
  • Always delivering a reliable temperature that will keep your bottles in perfect condition.
  • Convenient access to every bottle of wine with our customisable, roller-mounted shelving.
  • The largest range of cabinet features and product finishes available.
  • The only wine cabinets that include an automatic humidity alarm system.

Achieving the best standard, every time

Our notoriously high design standards has resulted in the creation of four main goals that we deliver through each of our products ranges. They are:

  • Guaranteeing a level of accuracy.
  • Enriching your wine tasting experience.
  • Understanding and valuing the culture, language and activities that lends itself to wine.
  • Encouraging the development and enjoyment of French wine and winemaking.