EzyJamb Classic Adjust Flush Door Jamb System

EzyJamb® Classic Adjust – EZC is a flush door jamb system, for creating an architrave-free door to complete the contemporary look of modern architectural spaces. This two-piece jamb is adjustable to allow for various wall thicknesses, ensuring a smooth finish along the wall face.

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    Skirtings, Mouldings & Jambs
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  • Brand
    EZ Concept
  • Designer
    EZ Concept
  • Wraps the plasterboard during framing to conceal fixings and incorporate the door into the wall face.
  • Adjustable width to match the thickness of the wall for a secure fit.
  • Made from the renowned BlueScope Steel
  • Simple to install and meets the finished surfaces standard AS/NZS 2311:2009 to ensure they can be painted immediately.
  • Complemented by RocYork Hinges that are designed and tested to withstand heavy traffic flow.
  • Available in standard 2040mm & 2340mm, full height, or custom heights and widths.


  • Thickness: 32-45mm
  • Height:2040mm Standard
  • Widths:420mm - 1020mm
  • Custom sizes are available on request
  • Latch Plate Height: 1020mm (Center Line base of the door frame) (Custom measurement available upon request)
  • Hinge Options: Herline Hinges/ Lift-Off Hinges/Concealed Hinges
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We produce premium quality steel framing systems, architectural finishing sections and sound isolation clips. Over the last 30 years, Studco have developed numerous leading-edge, patented building systems that have revolutionized the industry, including the Slimceil engineered low clearance ceiling system, Resilmount sound isolation systems, EzyJamb flush finish door jamb systems, and EzyCap one-piece wall end caps, to name a few.

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