Fabrica - Fabric Tension Wall Coverings

The Fabrica™ Fabric Tension Wall Coverings is a uniquely bespoke fabric tension wall covering system designed and manufactured here in Aotearoa. It consists of a range of hardwearing industrial woven and knitted fabrics that are printed on demand and fitted into one of our locally designed and patented lightweight aluminium frames.

Fabrica™ Fabric Tension Wall Coverings has gained popularity in recent times due to their tactile nature when benchmarked against traditional wallpapers, but also improve the acoustics within the room or area as many recent commercial and residential designs giving little consideration to noisy room acoustics with the increased popularity of large, polished surfaces and oversized glass windows.

With our leading expertise in fabric textile printing and finishing, you are able to have fabrica™ fabric tension wall covering as any image, pattern or solid colour of your choosing, designed to enhance the interior design of your environment.

The increased popularity of custom wall coverings and more so the Fabrica™ Fabric Tension Wall Coverings can be put down to the large range of tactile fabric textures available paired with a print capability that sees a maximum print width of 3200mm x 50 000mm long with no seam. For larger executions we are able to use a near-invisible seam to manufacture and deliver oversized designs.

The fabrica™ fabric tension wall coverings also create maximum return over an extended period so time as you are able to pay once for the custom-manufactured frame along with its installation; then you or your staff can easily change out the textile printed graphic to suit your updated aesthetic.

Finding immense demand within the residential and hospitality sectors in recent years, this increased demand can largely be put down to the flexibility, performance, and customization that the fabrica™ fabric tension wall covering systems offer. Add to this that your unique one-off textile full-colour graphic can also be removed to be washed and/or updated with a replacement graphic with our no-tools hassle free-process system.

The dye-sublimation process is an eco-friendly process that uses no hard solvents, in contrast in uses a water-based organic inks with a vegetable/soy base ensuring there are no harmful chemicals being washed into our waterways.

With a range of fabrics available the most popular has seen our velvet plush finish fabric being the favoured choice. This seems to be grounded in the perception of luxury with the plush velvet finish with brilliantly rich colour reproduction along with the increased tactile finish this fabric delivers.

The core range of the Fabrica™ Fabric Tension Wall Coverings aluminium profiles have been designed and extruded locally ensuring we stay true to our NZMADE delivery stance. With aluminium being the most recyclable metal available today, our system offers our customers a more sustainable option than traditional materials. We also have a range of composite profiles that have been developed for specialist applications where aluminium if not suited.

As with our entire product range, our customers have the option to engage our services at the end of life to ensure materials are repurposed, recycled or disposed of responsibly.

The Fabrica™ Fabric Tension Wall Coverings functionally outperforms any other comparable system available in the market today whilst offering unmatched customization and image colour reproduction to deliver the designed aesthetic.  

  • Category
    Wall Fabrics, Wallpapers
  • Application - Commercial / residential
  • Max print width (mm) - 3200 - no seam
  • Max print length (mm) - 50 000mm - no seam
  • Print process - dye-sublimation 
  • Colour - Full - colour - CMYK
  • Fabric Width (mm) - 3000 - no seam 
  • Fabric Weight (gsm) - 280
  • Fabric Type - Woven 
  • Fire retardant - fabric - AS/ NZ1530.2
  • Hardware (mm) - 22/ 28/ 80/ 120/ custom
  • Colour on-demand - from the supplied print file
  • Eco-friendly print production
  • FR Treated
  • Inter-Changeable graphics
  • Locally designed
  • Made to order
  • Manufactured in New Zealand
  • No Seams
  • No Tool Update
  • Recyclable Frame
  • Recycled Fabric
  • Washable Fabric
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OneFrame Architectural Fabric Tension Systems is a New Zealand based speciality manufacturer delivering sustainable solutions both locally and across international waters. Our team has a dedicated focus on influencing and educating architects, specifiers, designers, and those that share our passion for a more sustainable tomorrow through innovative delivery.

Our product offer includes the following product categories:

resonate™ - fabric acoustic systems
lucent™ - illuminated fabric systems
renu™ - recycled imaging systems
lunar™ - stretched ceiling systems
adframe™ - fabric tension advertising systems
fabrica™ - fabric tension wall coverings
organa™ - fabric tension shapes & forms
bespoke™ - custom design & build

Understanding that no application is the same, our team thrives within the bespoke design & manufacture space ensuring each delivery is tailored to the desired specification.

The manufacturing process sees the bulk of our raw materials and in-house processes being environmentally friendly with multiple projects underway to develop and deliver a fully circular economy to our customers.

Our commitment to both the community & the environment has seen us partner with 1% for the planet. The result is that 1% of our turnover gets injected back into local environmental initiatives for preservation to benefit future generations.