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Faux Wooden Beam by Muros add character to any space with their authentic texture and appearance. The faux wooden beams are economical, lightweight and easy-to-install making them a versatile and high quality design option for any retrofit or new-build.  A simple method to add the rustic aged charm of real wood to your ceilings.

The U-shaped beams have a length of 3,400mm (11.16′) and are available in over 40 widths/ height combinations to suit any wall or ceiling. Achieve a natural balance by considering the quantity and size of beams appropriate to the height, size and style of your ceiling space.

Muros Wooden Beams are screwed into place over an existing beam or appropriate-sized timber strip (affixed to the wall or ceiling prior). Beams flex a little and should fit snugly over the substrate. Screw heads and joints are concealed and seamlessly textured using a soft putty. All beams are supplied in a neutral colour, with selected paint or stain normally sourced locally by our clients.

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All beams are U-shaped and have a length of 3,400mm (11.16′). The Muros range offers over 40 width/ height combinations to suit any wall or ceiling.

100mm lateral side

100mm(h) + 100mm(w) + 100mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
100mm(h) + 150mm(w) + 100mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
100mm(h) + 200mm(w) + 100mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
100mm(h) + 250mm(w) + 100mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
100mm(h) + 300mm(w) + 100mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
100mm(h) + 350mm(w) + 100mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
100mm(h) + 400mm(w) + 100mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)

150mm lateral side

150mm(h) + 100mm(w) + 150mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
150mm(h) + 150mm(w) + 150mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
150mm(h) + 200mm(w) + 150mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
150mm(h) + 250mm(w) + 150mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
150mm(h) + 300mm(w) + 150mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
150mm(h) + 350mm(w) + 150mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
150mm(h) + 400mm(w) + 150mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)

200mm lateral side

200mm(h) + 100mm(w) + 200mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
200mm(h) + 150mm(w) + 200mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
200mm(h) + 200mm(w) + 200mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
200mm(h) + 250mm(w) + 200mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
200mm(h) + 300mm(w) + 200mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
200mm(h) + 350mm(w) + 200mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
200mm(h) + 400mm(w) + 200mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)

250mm lateral side

250mm(h) + 100mm(w) + 250mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
250mm(h) + 150mm(w) + 250mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
250mm(h) + 200mm(w) + 250mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
250mm(h) + 250mm(w) + 250mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
250mm(h) + 300mm(w) + 250mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
250mm(h) + 350mm(w) + 250mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
250mm(h) + 400mm(w) + 250mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)

300mm lateral side

300mm(h) + 100mm(w) + 250mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
300mm(h) + 150mm(w) + 300mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
300mm(h) + 200mm(w) + 300mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
300mm(h) + 250mm(w) + 300mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
300mm(h) + 300mm(w) + 300mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
300mm(h) + 350mm(w) + 300mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
300mm(h) + 400mm(w) + 300mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)

350mm lateral side

350mm(h) + 100mm(w) + 250mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
350mm(h) + 150mm(w) + 350mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
350mm(h) + 200mm(w) + 350mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
350mm(h) + 250mm(w) + 350mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
350mm(h) + 300mm(w) + 350mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
350mm(h) + 350mm(w) + 350mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)
350mm(h) + 400mm(w) + 350mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)

400mm lateral side 

(height)400mm(h) + 400mm(w) + 400mm(h) x 3,400mm(l)

Muros Wall Panels are supplied for self-installation, by your Builder, Joiner, Tiler or Shopfitter. Muros supports the installation process with advice and guide sheets.



  • Authentic design and finish
  • Lightweight
  • Large selection (100+ designs and colours)
  • Strong and durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible
  • 5-step installation
  • Space saving
  • Versatile (can be painted)
  • Fire resistant (ISO 5660 - NZ / AS / NZS 3837 - Aust)
  • Low VOCs
  • ISO9001 accredited (Quality)
  • ISO14001 accredited (Environment)
  • Interior and exterior* application
  • Proven (for over 25 years)
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'Bring walls to life'

Muros supply quality European-made decorative wall panels to authentically recreate the look, texture and feel of concrete, brick, stone and wood. Real walls with aged character provide the original relief for an extensive range, proven worldwide for over 30 years.

With a natural depth and subtle imperfections, the large fibreglass-based Muros Wall Panels are lightweight yet durable - ideal for residential and commercial building applications, both interior and exterior - walls, ceilings, counters and columns. Joints are made to look seamless with installation materials provided so the panels look to run on or wrap-around corners and angles.

With speed of installation, versatility of use, and creative finishes - Muros can transform your space bringing design ideas and visions to life economically. Further they are independently verified to resist water, fire, UV and erosion.

With so many benefits and a reputation for service and reliability...leading architects, designers, business and home owners have been specifying Muros in Australasia for over a decade.