Fibreglass Preformed Pipe Selection

Pipe Insulation

Forman Building Systems Preformed Pipe Sections are manufactured from non-combustible glass fibres bonded with a thermosetting resin into cylindrical insulation sections. A slit along one wall allows the pipe section to be opened and installed over the pipe. The Preformed Pipe Sections are a highly efficient thermal insulation product for use on pipes operating in the temperature range 2°C to 450°C. They are designed for use on chilled water, hot water, steam and other service lines in commercial and institutional projects, as well as industrial process and steam lines. Inorganic fibres will not cause or accelerate the corrosion of any metal. Cannot act as a catalyst for stress corrosion cracking of stainless steel unless wet by solutions containing chloride.

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Suitable for: Insulation, Mechanical Services, Non-Combustible, Thermal, Acoustic, Specialty, Industrial

Sizes: Full range of sizes available

Stock / lead time: Short Lead time (if it's not ex stock) 2 weeks


  • High quality spun pipe
  • 80kg/m3 density
  • The only NZ made/locally manufactured product
  • Zero ozone depleting potential
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Comfortech Building Performance Solutions® is a business that engineers’ solutions for comfort, climate, and protection. Comfortech® is the result of two locally owned and operated companies (Tasman Insulation and Forman Building Systems) uniting 170 years of experience, history, and expertise under one roof.

At Comfortech® we are passionate about providing solutions aimed at improving the overall performance of homes and building in New Zealand. Pink® Batts®, one of our product brands is an iconic kiwi brand we have been manufacturing for over 60 years.