FilterSleeve is a tested and proven solution for protecting subsoil drains from sedimentation. Readily available, cost effective and proven to perform, FilterSleeve is your first choice for protecting perforated pipe subsoil drains.

It works by trapping the sand particles and assisting the formation of a soil filter around the pipe. This results in greatly improved permeability surrounding the pipe, giving greater flow of water into the drain system and almost total reduction of sediments settling in and reducing the drainage flow.

Fit to the pipeline on site using Preloaded Applicators or purchase from leading pipe manufacturers pre-installed.

  • Category
    Stormwater Drainage
  • Range
    Stormwater & Drainage
  • FilterSleeve - 65mm x 10m; 110mm x 5m; 110mm x 10m
  • FilterSleeve Preloaded - 65mm x 15m; 65mm x 30m; 110mm x 15m; 110mm x 30m
  • Extends the service life of perforated drain systems by filtering out silt and sand
    • Quick and easy to apply with a preloaded disposable applicator
    • Available in four sizes to fit 65mm, 110mm, and 160mm and 200mm drainage pipe
    • Meets RMS specification standard 3553 and is MANARC approved.
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