Floody Flood Barriers

Introducing Floody Flood Barriers, the easy to assemble, portable flood prevention device. Perfect for any home or building, this revolutionary product allows you to customize your own protective barrier, tailored to suit your individual needs. Floody comprises of component shapes, including straight, inner curve and outer curve pieces, that easily click together to form a robust and secure barrier that is both secure and aesthetically pleasing. 

The genius of Floody is its simplicity; you don't need any specialist tools or knowledge to assemble it and it can be taken apart and re-assembled in different configurations as required. Floody provides the perfect solution for a range of flood protection needs, whether you require just a few pieces for diverting water or multiple for larger-scale areas. 

Secure your home and building from flooding with Floody Flood Barriers; it's easy to assemble, robust, and secure. Make sure your home or building is protected today with Floody.

  • Category
    Flood Protection
  • Range
    Flood Control
  • Country of origin
  • Type of use
    Commercial and Residential
  • Care and cleaning
    Easy maintenance
  • Installation
    Easy self install
  • Assembly
    Easy self assembly
Scope of use

Designed to safeguard property and infrastructure from heavy rainstorms and sudden flooding.


Stackable, portable, light-weight

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