Flexible Acrylic Plaster System for Crack Prevention

A highly flexible waterproof acrylic plaster membrane that is applied over substrates to provide a crack-resistant coating.

FLX™ is a highly flexible waterproof acrylic plaster membrane, that is applied over substrates to provide resistance against cracking. It’s a non-cement based waterborne acrylic plaster system containing aggregate to provide flexibility and has excellent adhesion qualities. FLX™ is Manufactured in NZ for New Zealand conditions, it’s a proven product that has been on the market for over 10 years.


The highly flexible properties of FLX™ provide a flexible plaster finish on the exterior surface of the substrate, providing the homeowner, contractor or designer with the security of added protection to their investment.


  • Do not apply when the ambient temperature is below 10°C or surface temperature is above 45°C.
  • Apply as supplied – do not thin.

Technical Data

Resin Type: Adhesion Promoted Pure Acrylic polymer Pigmentation: Titanium dioxide and inert extenders Solvents: Water Colour: White and pastel tints. Gloss Level: Low Sheen. Density: 1.34 Kgs/ Litre Dry-Time: 30 mins Touch, 4 hour between overcoat. Coverage: 4-6 m2 per litre. No. of coats: Two Packaging sizes: 4 & 15 litres Flash Point: None Thinner: Water

Surface Preparation

  • Remove all unsound paint, surface grease and oil, dirt etc. Treat mould affect areas with Masons Splash and Dash.


  • Apply two coats of FLX™ Premium Range Acrylic Finish to dry film thickness of 80 microns per coat.
  • For metal or metal-reinforced concrete structures us a specified primer.
  • Apply one coat of LIMESTOP Plaster Sealer.

For Best Results

  1. Ensure correct dry film thickness is achieved.
  2. Allow at least 4 hours before overcoating.
  3. Do not apply in direct sunlight.

Health & Safety

  • FLX™ Premium Range Acrylic Finish is essentially non-flammable and non-hazardous. (Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet before using)
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