Fodera® is a customised design and manufactured product of three dimensional architectural panels, developed by our MF Group team. These panels are purpose built and provide bespoke designs for award winning commercial, retail or residential interiors by creatively utilising the interactions between light, texture and colour.

All our designs are beautifully resolved both aesthetically, technically and uniquely applied as one of a kind applications, project by project. Our range of finishes is virtually limitless and you can choose from our extensive collection of vinyl, painted, natural or moulded finishes.

Work together with us to create a unique custom panel for an engaging wall covering, enhancing a furniture application, a creative point of interest or any other design application, tailored to your interior projects specific creative needs.

  • Category
    Wall Panels & Cladding
  • Brand
    MF Group
  • Designer
    MF Group
  • All Fodera®products are Made in New Zealand and manufactured by MF Group
  • Panels are 3D routed and can be made from different substrates such as mdf, fire rated mdf and ply
  • Sizes are customisable
  • All profiles can be manipulated to create the perfect design for the space
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Welcome to MF Group, where innovation meets design and excellence. Established in 1998, MF Group takes pride in our commitment to delivering aesthetically pleasing and technically advanced designs that are tailored to each project's unqiue requirements. Our flagship product, Fodera®, is a meticulously crafted three-dimensional architectural panel that embodies excellence in design and manufacturing. Developed by our team of skilled professionals, Fodera® offers customised solutions for commercial, retail, and residential interiors, seamlessly blending light, texture, and colour to create stunning and award-winning spaces. 

Each project we undertake is meticulously crafted to perfection, ensuring that every panel is a unique masterpiece. With a diverse range of finishes to choose from, including vinyl, painted, natural, and moulded options, our clients have the freedom to create bespoke interiors that reflect their individual style and vision. From custom panels for wall coverings to unique furniture applications, our team works collaboratively with clients to bring their creative ideas to life. 

Experience the difference with MF Group, where innovation meets craftsmanship to redefine interior design. Our comprehensive services include architectural panels, kitchen panels, custom design solutions, product installation, custom furniture, interior decor, interior products, and project management. Let us elevate your interior projects with our unmatched expertise and passion for creating exceptional spaces.