Frame Coat Rack

Natural Oil
American Ash
W540 x H1700 mm - 12kg
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The Frame Coat Rack is CNC’d out of American Ash to create soft curves that flow fluidly, creating a structured and supported base and an open canopy to hang your garments.

The Frame Coat rack features 6 stems, allowing extensive support and space to hang your coats, hats and bags.

540mm x 1700mm


Delivered assembled

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  • Category
    Coat Racks
  • Brand
    Van Brandenburg
  • Designer
    Object Van Brandenburg
  • Year
  • Warranty
    3 years
  • Room/Use
    Office coat racks
  • 540mm x 1700mm
  • 12kg
  • Delivered assembled
Scope of use

The Frame Coat rack features 6 stems and 12 brass pegs, allowing extensive support and space for your coats, hats and bags.

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Van Brandenburg is a renowned design studio that specializes in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urbanism, and Product Design. With studios located in Queenstown and Dunedin, New Zealand, Van Brandenburg has built a reputation for its innovative and sustainable design solutions.

The team at Van Brandenburg comprises a talented group of architects, designers, and innovators who work together to create organic built forms that are inspired by nature and captured through curvilinear design. Their work is not just limited to New Zealand, but extends internationally as they continue to explore new territories and push the boundaries of design.

Van Brandenburg's design philosophy is rooted in a deep appreciation of nature and its forms. They believe that by taking inspiration from the natural world, they can create buildings and spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally efficient and sustainable. Their focus on organic and curvilinear design is a testament to their commitment to creating built forms that harmoniously blend into their surroundings, rather than imposing upon them.

In essence, Van Brandenburg is a design-focused studio that is committed to creating sustainable and innovative design solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, and product design.