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SRS Green Facades | Screens

SRS Green Facades | Screens supported vines that grow upwards from planter boxes at the base of a building's exterior. SRS Group supply the support systems for foliage to grow up, which can comprise of either stainless steel cabling or tensile mesh both options offer a durable, lightweight option which effectively trains the climbing plants and shrubs to cover buildings and walls.

Green screens use the exact same premise but are specifically for indoor use. Because they are for interiors, different components and foliage are utilised that suit this specific environment. 

Our enthusiasm for living foliage structures, either indoor or out, is two-pronged – it offers an edgy, on-trend yet soft design aesthetic, along with proven environmental benefits for both people and Mother Nature. Green facades and screens offer benefits for amenity and thermal influence, reduce building temperatures and air-conditioning costs, reduce reflective light and heat and offer acoustic insulation while producing oxygen and absorbing Co2. 

Images shown are past projects we have installed green facade supports systems using tensile mesh or wire. The foliage planting has been undertaken by a number of different suppliers.
The Fonterra building green facade foliage was managed by Natural Habitats.

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