Halo 4800 Watt Space Heater with Decor

Steel & Aluminium
L1415 x W1415 x H1100 x ⌀1415 mm - 25kg
Colour Options Available
Made to order (6 weeks)
Standard $15.00/item to Auckland
Estimated delivery in 1-4 days, after lead time

Introducing the Halo Range of zero light infrared heaters for heating heritage buildings, brand new for 2023.

With powerful, zero light, far infrared heat emitters the UK manufactured Halo offers historic buildings and places of worship a highly controllable, effective and decorative heating solution that is acceptable to conservation bodies and avoids high installation costs. With low power LED lighting as an additional option, the Halo ensures fast warm up times minimising energy consumption to provide 100% CO2 free heating when combined with renewables.

For more information on the Halo heritage range, including video footage of Halo installed in a church in Bristol, click here.

  • Category
    Infrared Heaters
  • Range
    Heritage Range
  • Brand
  • Warranty
    5 years
Specs / Details
  • Surface: British made steel along with aerospace-grade aluminium
  • Heating element: Herschel Kanthal ceramic heating elements
  • Voltage: 3-Phase – 240V – Phase to Neutral – Wired 2.6kW per phase which allows for three levels of heat on each heater by switching on/off the individual phases
  • Cable: Not included – Terminal box in the top section for connection
  • Electromagnetic tolerance: Low emission
  • Guarantee: 5 years (excluding Ceramic Elements 12 months plus any cost of installation or consequential losses)
Why Infrared?
  • Infrared (radiant) systems directly heat objects and people in a space as opposed to heating the air and circulating it, thereby saving energy;
  • Reduced carbon footprint – with the correct energy supply (any form of renewable energy or green tariff) infrared heating can be run on a zero-carbon basis;
  • Enables a much more consistent and comfortable temperature.
  • Quick, simple installation – infrared heating simply needs an electricity supply and can be wall or ceiling mounted in the correct place (portable solutions also available);
  • No requirement for maintenance checks;
  • Highly controllable – simple operation to ensure the right people and spaces are heated at the right times with no wasted energy;
  • Solid-state, no moving parts – long life solutions;
  • No noise;
  • Choose between zero light and warm glow heaters;
  • Infrared warms the building fabric itself helping to preserve buildings and reduce damp levels.
Key Features
  • Zero light heater with optional LED lighting
  • UK manufacture with British made steel
  • Optional bespoke decorative designs
  • Fast warm up times
  • Far infrared preserves historic interiors
  • Ideal for places of worship & heritage properties
  • 100% natural
  • Heats objects, not the air
  • Less damp and mould
  • Reduced energy use
  • Maintenance free
  • CO2 free when used with renewable electricity sources
  • Greater than 95% recyclable at EOL

Options available with/without LED lights and with/without a decorative finish. Bespoke decor/colour options are also available.

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