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Hitherland Collection by Mini Moderns

Hinterland wallpaper

by Mini Moderns


  • The second design from Mini Moderns 'Hinterland' collection. Inspired by the humble peg board displays from junk shops and hardware stores in the surrounding areas of the Mini Moderns beach house in Dungeness.


  • As the Hinterland collection takes inspiration from the county of Kent, Mini Moderns wanted to explore the agricultural heritage of the Garden of England. Equinox is a celebration of the corn dolly - plaited straw ornaments woven from the last sheaf of the harvest to ensure a good harvest in the coming year. Many regional corn dolly designs feature in Equinox wallpaper, including the Kent 'Ivy'.


  • The P.L.U.T.O. print is named after the Pipe Line Under The Ocean - a WW2 fuel line built under the English Channel from Dungeness to the French coast to supply fuel to the allied D-Day invasion army. The pipeline is represented by a continuous silver line, running diagonally across a background inspired by 'dazzle' camouflage featured on military vessels during the two world wars. The design also features circular and curved motifs based on the three Dungeness 'Sound Mirrors'.


  • They see a lot of seagulls from the windows of the Mini Moderns beach house in Dungeness. They also hear them landing on the wooden roof, and they can be quite heavy-footed! They like them best in flight, as seen on the Gulls wallpaper - a repeat pattern of the seagull motif taken from the popular Whitby design.


  • Feathers' is the third wallpaper design in the Mini Moderns 'Hinterland' collection. It marks a repeat collaboration between Mini Moderns and artist, Matt Sewell. The design is based on Matt's feather watercolours, which feature in the design for the end papers of his book 'Our Songbirds'. The individual feathers each relate to the birds featured in the book. The wallpaper design fits perfectly with the spirit of the 'Hinterland' collection, which takes inspiration from the nature reserve of Dungeness, on the South Kent coast.


  • Mini Moderns take a stroll along the shingle and explore the magical landscape of Dungeness. The first wallpaper in the 2014 Hinterland collection, Dungeness features a mass of shingle, punctuated by illustrated vignettes of quaint cabins, abandoned fishing boats and ramshackle huts. Anchoring the print are the two lighthouses that flank the Mini Moderns beach house.

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